No bleach smell ???

lefleur1August 20, 2011

When did clorox bleach become non-smelly? I have always hated using it cuz the smell was so strong .. did I buy the wrong stuff? It's clorox regular 6% sodium hypochlorite ...

hmmmm, I DO have a cold; maybe my sniffer isn't working so good!

thanks in advance

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As soon as bleach is produced it starts to degrade. Heat speeds up the degradation. So, if your bleach is quite old (sat in storage for a while) or was stored under hot conditions, it may have very little actual bleach left in the bottle.

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I've seen ads for new, thicker non-spill Clorox. Is this what you bought? Personally, I buy the store-brand bleach. It's what they use to clean in the hospital where I get kidney dialysis. So it must be okay.My hospital is inspected regularly for cleanliness and disenection safety. The technicians and nurses even have to change uniforms if they go out in the hallway.

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