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DreamingoftheUPApril 22, 2014

As part of my bathroom refresh, I've been lately contemplating adding a shelf above my toilet. There already is a towel bar there, so it would have to reside above the towel bar, mounted on the wall, not the tile. (See picture below. BTW, that's the before picture and I have made significant progress, but no sneak peaks just yet. ;)

Some that I've been considering in the following post...

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First thought of getting a hotelier (shelf only, no towel bar), something like these:

Kohler Loure

Ginger Cinu

Nameeks Gedy

Then discovered wider glass shelves such as these:
Ginger Sine

Ginger Quattro

Danze Sirius

Opinions? The hoteliers have deeper shelves. The glass shelves above are around 5.5" to 6" deep. Don't want the narrow (3" to 4") glass shelves.

Or would that just be too much in that location?

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What are you going to store/display on the shelves? The hotel shelves are great for towels, but if you are putting things like bottles, a vase... the bars will be less stable than a flat surface like the glass.
As far as the depth of the shelf, I think either will be fine.

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OH, sorry, forgot to mention what I want it for!!! Mainly, stack of wash cloths, folded in half twice, which I want to have on hand for my daily shave. And, maybe, a spare paper roll.

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Since the shelf will be over the toilet and you don't want anything accidentally falling inside, I would think the glass shelves would be the most practical. I would also probably put the washcloths inside a basket to keep them even more secure. If you do use a basket, then the metal shelves would be OK, and possibly give you a deeper surface.

So, if you do decide to go with a basket, determine what size would best fit your folded towels, and then buy a shelf deep enough to hold that size basket.

Basket can be metal/wire, doesn't have to be made of organic materials.

Eclectic Bathroom by Sandy Media & Bloggers Michelle Hinckley

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Thanks for the ideas! Need to ponder, but will decide and order tomorrow.

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