Source for backlit vanity mirror?

ChristaMApril 29, 2013

Hi, hoping someone knows where to find backlit vanity mirrors? I want the kind where the edges of the mirror seem to float off the wall, like the Rifra brand. I don't want the kind where the lights show through the glass like electricmirror.

I also don't want to pay Rifra prices. Holy cow! It's just a mirror with LEDs wrapped around it, I don't need it dipped in gold and rolled in diamond dust or anything.

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I was in the same situation -- so we're making our own. I am using two oval mirrors with frosted edges, following enduring's lead (have you seen her finished bath w/ backlit mirror?) and will mount them on two "platforms" so they will float off the wall, and then am wrapping the platforms with superbright LED's from inspired I am going w/ the brightest LED's possible on a dimmer.

The BR gets ripped out Wednesday, and hopefully will be finished by the HS graduation party on the 2nd . . . . so I'll post pics then.

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rjr220, please do post pics. I'll be very interested to see how these turn out.

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We're doing our own too in our son's bathroom. His mirrors will be mounted on a stacked slate wall so we have to build the mirrors out a little further.

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