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sunnycoAugust 17, 2008

I am so overwhelmed. School starts in a week, and I have very little time to do much besides when it does. I have been trying to get things caught up a little around here, but it seems that as soon as I do something, there are 20 other things that need to be done. I know somewhere I have seen lists of household chores broken up by "daily" "once a week" etc. I can't find them now.

I tried flylady, but that is not what I need. I end up spending my time on there instead of actually working. There is too much blah, blah, blah on the site, and I need something that says 1. Do this. 2. Do this. 3. Do this. Short and concise, know what I mean?

Does anyone know of anything like that? Just a simple list I can copy and paste, or a Word document or even outlook calendar items to be downloaded...

I'm really not having much luck. I keep turning up stuff for kids chores.



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I too have seen those lists, but don't ask me where.:)

It seems to me that only you can know the cleaning needs of your house. Maybe you could just sit down with a blank piece of paper, divide it into seven columns for the seven days of the week and then decide what you need to do and when you want to do it. For example, how many times a week you need to mop the kitchen floor and what day(s) you want to do it. Imagine yourself in each room of the house and what you routinely clean in that room.

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Make a caper chart for the refrigerator, and list the children's chores on it. Keep them simple, make sure that each child understands what constitutes a job well done. Then have a time of day when they "check the caper chart."

You might add three things a day for yourself, so they can see that it all works together.

Erma Bombeck wrote, "Never let the sun set on an empty crockpot." I think that makes a huge difference--if dinner has been started by 10 am, there's no panic in the afternoon.

If one child helps before dinner, the other helps after dinner. Set the kitchen timer for the time you think it will take to completely clean the kitchen, plus five minutes. Then work to beat the clock. If the child dallies, you leave the rest of the mess to him/her when the timer goes off. It's amazing how that helps you both to get that job done!

As for Flylady, take two habits: Before bed, lay out everything for everyone. When you first wake up, get dressed all the way to shoes before you stop to think about it. Don't worry about the rest. You'll feel better and you'll be more productive.

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I enjoy SideTracked Executive which is really where FlyLady started.
At one time you could print off the sheets at FlyLady?
I still have mine, laminated and placed in my dayrunner.

Another option is the Don Aslet approach. You can get his books at most libraries or buy one.

I have a tendency to want to do it all every time, so these lists help me a lot.
(ps this is why I failed at my test run as a housekeeper, I gave customers a heavy spring cleanings each week)

I have to agree with the posters above, Fly Lady has that go to bed ready thing down.
You realize that FlyLady doesnt bombard us with emails anymore right?
I think I only get a few a day now?

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There are lists of this type in Cheryl Mendelson's "Home Comforts" book (which I'd recommend as a great resource on any number of levels). Be forewarned, though, that they are (deliberately) extensive. The idea is that they're starting points for you to write your own lists.

Ultimately, it does make the most sense for you to write your own. But there are some out there that you can start with. See for example: daily, weekly, monthly.

This might be an interesting "share" topic, actually - see if folks are willing to write up and post theirs :)

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Embees, those were great links you shared, thanks!

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Hi. I know this post is old, but I will share my "cleaning schedule" if anyone is interested. I would also like to hear others.

OK, here goes:

On Monday's, weekly, I clean the Kitchen & Laundry Room & do laundry. *This means declutter counter tops/table, clean sink, sweep/mop floor, put away any other clutter, dust, etc...* And, always remember, start from the top.

On Tuesday's, weekly, I clean the living room & hallway.

Wednesday, weekly, I clean the bedroom. (We actually have 3, but since it's just DH & I the other 2 are for different purposes, ie. storage & office.)

Thursday, weekly, I clean both bathrooms.

Friday, weekly, I run the dishwasher & do miscellaneous things, like fix something that's broken, etc. (I know some of you may not think cleaning the kitchen on Mon. & doing the dishes on Fri. makes sense, but w/ only 2 ppl here, once a week is enough for the dishes. Also, I don't want to cram laundry & dishes into 1 day... too much hot water!)

Saturday, weekly, I work from 7am to 10am, then just do misc. stuff.

Sunday, weekly, take out trash & misc. stuff.

I have other things crammed in there on a monthly basis, like clean office, organize/clean storage room, cull magazines/papers, change furnace/AC filters, etc... But I won't bore you w/ that list.

I've also added in items for every 3 months, such as clean dishwasher, etc.

Things for every 6 months, like clean carpets, etc.

All of this stuff is definitely unique to each family/household, but maybe this can give someone an idea of where to start. When I first made mine up, I sat down & labeled several pieces of paper w/ "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", etc... Then thought *realistically* about how often things needed to be done & how often I would/could actually do them. That's something I learned from my first schedule I made up, don't expect too much from yourself, if you don't already vacuum your living room 3 times a week, you probably won't w/ a schedule either. I also tried to schedule things on the same days that made sense, like the dishes/laundry thing. I've found that now that I'm on a schedule, & actually keeping things up, after a few weeks, the "weekly cleaning" gets much easier to do & takes less time.

Then, I recorded all of this stuff into my calendar program on my computer, so it automatically regenerates itself month to month. I print a new one out each month & hang it on the fridge where it's always reminding me that things need to be done.

I would love to share more if anyone's interested, email me.

~Mc_Hudd :)

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