hellllooooo out there....a new holiday is here!

PurplemoonJune 12, 2011

Yep, there is a new Holiday.! And ALL because most everyone of our gang is OUT playing in the garden or taking vacations. Not only are the dust bunnies taking over your homes, now it seems they are HERE on our Forum! Having a TEA PARTY !!

Be VWERY VWERY quiet.....Harry and Ethel are having a romantic little Tea for Two. (I must say I wasn't too pleased to find they were using my late grandmother's demitasse teacups and saucers. And my little vintage bunny pitcher!). There is no flatware, but when you're use to stuff on the floor, why would you need any? With their tea, they are having Cracker Crumbs. Ummmm. And for dessert....drum roll, please....

Crumb Cake! How yummy is that!

Harry already spilled his tea, but not to worry. The square table-runner is a unique creation by MyDryerLint. There is some dirt on it, and some dusty flowers, but I don't think the tea will stain anything.

Oh, they insisted upon having a Candy-Shot done of their tea party. Sigh. The lengths I go to around here!


Harry the Klutz

hugs, Karen-who's-probably-spent-too-much-time-in-the-sun-lately

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The new Holiday is called.......

National Dustbunnies Month

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I love the new holiday!! Lord knows I have plenty of dustbunnies to celebrate lol! Thanks Karen for the new holiday.


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Okay, Karen You win the prize for the most original and funniest table of the year.
I'm sure I've seen Ethel and Harry before. Oh that's right they've visited their relatives at my house. LOL
It's about time Dust Bunnies had their own Holiday!
After all they've been here longer than any of us!!!



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Oh Karen...this is priceless!
You had me cackling out loud as I was reading.
Harry & Ethel (bad behavior and all) are so lucky to be treated to such luxuries!
I agree with Nana..this IS the most original & funniest Tbscapes ever!
I can relate to 'National Dustbunnies Month' -
Just the other day, while I was reading some emails 'on the fly', I saw a clump of them hiding under my table and several other places >>> Where oh where do I split myself to caring for Everything inside and out? - It sure hasn't been cleaning up the dust bunnies that's for sure!!

Karen - Thanks for the 'Laugh of the Day'!
Loved it.


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Yep--too much sun or maybe it's from the smoke in the air! LOL

What a cute idea! I must say your "dustbunnies" sure are cuter and cleaner than the ones around my house--oh, I know what's missing, they are not covered in dog hair! LOL

Very creative Miss Karen, and I especially like the MYDryerlint table runner! ;o)


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Now you guys know why I DON'T do tablesettings! LOL.

I named Harry and Ethel as I figured I may as well make pets out of my dustbunnies, they are here to stay! Just wish they didn't have so darn many kids.

hugs, Karen

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LOL! LOL! LOL! (What a 'welcome back to the Holiday Forum!!!) I've been "Internet-less" for a week while on a camping vacation. This sure gets me back in the mood!!! Love Harry & Ethel! (Is 'Fred' his middle name???)

TFS, PM...original linens & crummy desserts! How fun! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Karen....you crack me up!! Your bunnies are the cutest! And only you would think to use your dryer lint as a table runner...you creative woman you! Dust bunnie month, eh? Well, I sure can participate in that...more dust bunnies around here than I know what to do with.

Thanks for the laugh! ;-)


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Jeanne, since my Mr Oblivious is named Fred, I figured I better use Harry on Ethel's beau-bunny.

Marlene, my darn dryer lint is what started this goofy table idea. I was cleaning the lint trap and it came out in a nice square piece....hmmmm, light bulb moment. I remembered that a few months ago a dear lady sent me these lil bunnies and they immediately brought to mind that is what a Dustbunny should look like. These two are squishy soft and make me smile whenever I look at them. So my boredom took over and you guys saw the result. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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LOL, very cute! There's a holiday for dust bunnies? They have been having a party under my bed!

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What a perfect time to be posting about dust bunnies when I'm trying to clean for a party! Since it's "National Dustbunnies Month" should I leave them till next month???
What a fun read tonight. Hope to see more of Harry & Ethel in the future.


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Well even tho Dustbunnies month isn't on the list for June celebrations, there are plenty of others that are!!
Kathleen is ahead of the game with her Lemony Table, as June is considered Lemon and Mango Month! Way to go Kathleen!

Its also National Candy Month, Fruit and Veggies Month, Roses Month, Great Outdoors Month....just to name a few.
And Candy, its also Women's Golf Month!!

So, Ready....Setthosetables....GO!
hugs, Karen-who's-obviously-still-bored

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Karen, I don't know how Ethel and Harry got left out. They must be feeling lonely too, because all the rest of their family have converged on my house for their reunion, not only their immediate family but all their extended family plus a few friends.Shucks, I think they may have even brought their inlaws. Quite a crowd! They all seem quite happy, no signs of anyone wanting to leave, I must be a good hostess. Quite a cute post, I really eanjoyed it, Janet

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LOL, Janet, I was laughing out loud at your dustbunnies "even bringing their inlaws". What a hoot.
With the big party at your house, why would any of them want to leave?
And yes, I'm sure Harry and Ethel feel left out stuck here with me. Temps going up to 111, I should sweep them out the door and let them toast their bunny-buns off.

hugs, Karen

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Adorable. Adorable. That's just the very cutest thing. I'll have to remember this one.

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