3M hooks left on the window too long.

myclementineAugust 31, 2008

I am such an idiot. I love the hang christmas lights on the front window so I put those little hooks on there a few years ago and just left them up. Well today one of the hard plastic things fell off so I tried to pull the stretchy plastic off and it left a clear film. I have about 7 of those clear film squares now. Some on the window and some on the casing.

I just tried goof off as well as an adhesive remover I use for scrapbooking. I tried using my fingernail. None of those methods worked.

Any ideas how I can get that stuff off?

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I finally got it all off! yay
I actually tried D-solve it and that didn't work but I tried goof off again and scrubbed real hard and used a pampered chef scraper and that worked. yay

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I've always had success getting old tape or other adhesives off windows by wetting it with Windex (or similar) and scraping with a razor scraper. The windex looses up the goo so the blade takes it off.

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