Problem of water dripping down the one hole faucet

janesylviaApril 10, 2013

My contractor installed the Kohler one-hole faucet I bought from Lowes. I splashed water to the faucet base, water dripped down to the vanity cabinet through the base, and even trickled down if there was a lot of water there.

How to resolve this? Does caulking or silicon have to be applied around the faucet base? The faucet in my kitchen installed by another contractor without caulking or silicon never has water leaking.

Any input or sharing of experience is greatly appreciated.

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The contractor needs to come and install it again so that it is seated correctly. Your faucet should be able to tolerate water on the counter without needing caulking. The faucet fittings should provide a water proof seal.

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Thank you so much for your help, enduring. I checked the manual and noticed that there should be a round seal plate at the base of the faucet. I don't know if the contractor has installed that. He installed the faucet without reading the manual.

I'll call the contractor and ask him to check if the parts were installed properly.

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Don't ask him on the phone have him come out and look. If all the parts are gone from the installation maybe he needs to take the faucet out to inspect what is there and if the gasket isn't there the company should be able to send you a new one.

I have had this problem with my plumber who is a local guy, a great guy, a competent guy in so many ways. But he assumes he knows how to install all things, and doesn't. I don't think he likes to read to be honest. I live in a very small community and relationships are important within this context. So I hover and read the instructions for him. When he didn't put the silicone (at my protest) in the drain and overflow as directed by the Kohler instructions, he was back in a few days putting the silcone in, as the overflow was leaking like a sive after I did a test run of the tub. The lucky thing was that it was over the crawl space and it made no difference to the leak as it is a dirt floor and will dry. I learned. I did put my foot down when he wanted to trim up my handgrohe rough-in, to take the long plastic "plaster guards" off. I read the instructions and said "they stay...yes, they stay... yes but, they stay". He followed the instructions. I am very happy with so many aspects of this guy, but I have to watch for things with the faucet installations. He can put the copper in and it is beautiful.

I love instructions and follow them to a "T". He can do great with things he's familier with. But he needs monitoring and I don't mind because I really like participating, and he tolerates me. He has a very direct wife and 5 girls, all adults, so he is used to women helping him out:)

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We had that same faucet in the kitchen version for about 5 years. Leaks at the handle, and Kohler sends replacement parts that only last about a year. We woke up to a few flooded kitchen counters if it wasn't in just the right position. Google it and you'll see we're not the only ones. I hope they redesigned it if they're still selling it.

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