Old Electric Toothbrush

maimieAugust 4, 2009

Hi All, I have long been a fan of toothbrushes for cleaning. I recently replaced my electric toothbrush, (battery operated) & was about to throw old away when I decided to keep it for a few days. This little device has turn out to be a small miracle for cleaning! There is no end to what you can clean w/the electric toothbrush. I used my steam cleaner 1st to remove t'paste, etc & the went to work on small areas that are difficult to clean. Sink fixtures, narrow spaces on bead boarding, crevices on stove/range, & you can find your own use. I did replace the batteries in my old one since I was amazed when I used my new one for first time. I think it's worth buying one just for cleaning! Try it & I think you'll be amazed!

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Great minds think alike! I have an old one I am thinking of using for that purpose. I have seen ads for a cleaning machine that has the same design as a toothbrush.

What I would really like to see made is an electric (not battery) powered scrub brush with a 3 inch diameter.

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An aside perhaps. My older electric toothbrush and my newer electric toothbrush can use the same charger - even though the older one don't fit well it will charge just fine - so I don't need two plugs, cords fixtures etc.

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I've been using my Sonic Scrubber which is a battery powered "industrial size" electric toothbrush for cleaning. They sell different size and shaped brush heads and it's great for cleaning anything that has a crevice or small/awkward space to clean. Now it's all duct taped together because it's broken and for the most part it still works. They, of course, were clearanced by virtually everyone that sold them because the plastic breaks. I would love to have a better version back on the market. But I also have been eyeing my electric toothbrush for it's replacement; however, the variety of brush heads is what made the Sonic Scrubber so versatile.

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