Problems with Toto Vespin II?

cottonpennyApril 19, 2012

I'm choosing plumbing for my new build. I had picked out this toilet online for looks and because my mom has a Toto in her beach house. Not sure what model she has. And because I had read about Toto here and seemed to get good reviews.

The plumbing store person said that she had recently had a complaint about it not cleaning the bowl very well. She recommended a few Kohlers, but Kohler doesn't make a skirted model, which I like.

But this was right after she told me that because they were a Kohler distributor they aren't allowed to show Toto, etc., so obviously she has motivation to sell Kohler over Toto...

Of course, that means the builder's discount isn't as good so using the Toto will cost us $$. Like $100 per toilet so not much but everything is just starting to add up.


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We also are planning to order the Toto Vespin II for one bathroom and the Drake II for the other two bathrooms. I will be interested in reading the responses you get from people who have actual experience with Toto's double cyclone flushing system.

Is it possible that the sale's person was talking about the Vespin I? If I remember correctly, I think the older model had a different flushing system.

All I know is that I do not want a Kohler based on repeated experiences in at least 3 different locations that I visit fairly often (store, doctor's office, etc.) I don't know the specific style in each place, but I consistently have trouble getting these toilets to clear away even small pieces of tissue. Maybe I am being unfair to Kohler, but those repeated problems make me reluctant to bring one into my home.

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We have the Vespin II with sanagloss and haven't had any problems. But, we have only been in the house for 3 weeks, so I have no long term information.

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toilets get lots of response on GW....I actually think I have typed this very new toto Lloyd is not in yet, sitting in the showroom warehouse.....But the toilet decision made me crazy and I love GW but it can also add to the craziness. Everyone has an opinion on toilets, take all the people on GW add most house have 2-3 toilets and you gets lots of kudos and boos from everywhere. Go with your Mom's advice, that why I got Toto my sister had one in her beach house.

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Jack Kennedy

I agree with not going with Kohler. I have three kohler toilets in my house and they are lousy at bowl wash down. The cascade of water is not even and does not wash the entire bowl. I will say that we have never had a clog in the 5 years we have had them. We have had to replace flapper valves and that is it. You do have to order the kohler parts though. We tried to get the "same" valves at lowes and they were worse than the one's we were replacing. The kohler replacements worked like a charm.

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While I realize this post may be too late for cottonpenny, it may help others. I have had a Toto Vespin II for two years now and absolutely love it. It is exceptional at keeping the bowl clean. Our best friends did renos about the same time and put Toto's throughout their house and equally swear by them. I am so crazy about my Toto that when we move to the new house we just bought, I plan to pull out all the perfectly good Kohlers and replace them with Toto's. Besides, who should you trust, your Mom who loves you and has practical experience on the matter or a salesperson who is just out for a buck?

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My wife wants the Toto Carlyle - which is a one-piece skirted toilet. However, the Vespin appears to be about the same - in a two-piece. Have you had any cleaning problems with your Vespin - that a one-piece would fix (at a cost of over $100 more!)

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No cleaning problems with the Toto Vespin. Quite the opposite. It stays clean better than any other toilet I have had and is also the easiest one to clean. Very few products work as well as this one. The irony is that we only got in the first place because of the age of our house (built in the late 40s) and the fact that it had an odd flange placement. Toto was one of the few brands that could compensate for that.
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I haven't had it long but the Vespin II is the best toilet for flushing that I have ever had.

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