Would beadboard wainscoting be appropriate...

semiApril 30, 2010

Would beadboard wainscoting be appropriate in a 1920s-era bathroom?

I am renovating a 1920 bathroom that presently has beautiful black and white basketweave floors and white subway tiles up to about 4 1/2 feet up the walls. I was thinking of just replicating this look in the new bathroom, but I really like the look of wainscoting. Would this be appropriate with a basketweave (porcelain, not marble) tile floor?

I posted some pictures previously of the subway tiles. They crackled with age and got a bit mottled with moisture. I love the look but thought perhaps I could save some money on tile and labor by installing wainscoting.

Your thoughts?

Many thanks.

I am so excited that the 15 months of planing the renovation are over and now it is time to make design decisions!


Semi: Reggie

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Hi Semi,
I'm also putting up white beaded board wainscoting in my master bath for the same reasons you're considering it. From what you described, it sounds totally appropriate!
Our carpenter is using Azec beaded board, popular for exterior trim applications. It's water and mold proof. If you check out the below link and play the video, the first thing it shows (for about 5 seconds) is a bathroom with white and black basket weave floors and white beaded board wainscoting!

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Many thanks! The Azek was exactly what I was thinking of using.

I love moving forward on this project, so I appreciate your feedback.


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Ahhh, thanks for bringing this material to a thread. I love the beadboard look, and plan to install it in my clawfoot tub alcove and on the ceiling as well. The rest of the bath will have wainscoting of the beadboard.

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Could you please tell me what is "wainscoting of the beadboard"?

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Hi njkat,
I think the poster meant, "wainscoting in beadboard."
Like the chair rail height paneling here:

contemporary bathroom design by san francisco interior designer Amoroso Design

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One of our new manufacturers has waterproof wainscoting. Their ad is on the left side of our homepage. It says Luis Lynzie and it looks like they're offering a 25% discount.

Here is a link that might be useful: wainscoting

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I really like the beadboard. Thanks for bringing the link to waterproof wainscoting.

You can buy a sheet of plywood which is grooved to look like beadboard, and that would be 48 inches high if not shortened. It is not as fine as using the separate bead boards which require separate installation of each board. The first is more economical, the second a more time consuming but prettier installation.

Sorry my first post was confusing. I meant I would use wainscoting, and I would choose beadboard AS my wainscoting material. We used the plywood panels made to look like beadboard in our tiny little bath. It looks okay, but in our master bath, I want the ceiling real beaded boards, and also the tub alcove real beaded boards. At this time, I am thinking beaded boards floor to ceiling in this alcove, not wainscoting. The wainscoting would be in the lav/toilet portion of the bath. The real wood will be more expensive but absolutely great IMO.

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Beadboard before was used in cabinetry and on ceilings and sometimes covers an entire wall. But nowadays most of you are famiar with it as beadboard wainscoting in the bathroom. In other words, the beadboard comes about 1/3 up the sides of the wall, with the chair rail at the top and the baseboard at the bottom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beadboard Wainscoting

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