Removing Sharpie Marker from car leather seats!!!???

piper101August 11, 2008

Hi, Hope someone can help. I just found that my son marked black permament marker (sharpie I think) on my dove gray leather car seats!!! He fessed up that he did it today so it's been on the leather for we'll say 3 hours ( just happened to decide to vacuum the car out and found it). It's the thin tip and a smiley face but still.... Any words of wisdom or tips on how it might be removed? I tried the leather cleaner I have from the dealer (Honda) but nothing.

Thanks, Nicole

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Try cheap hair spray. It works on leather. I had a purse that rubbed against pens in my desk. It was all marked up and hairspray saved it.

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Jannie, Oh thank goodness, I'll run right now and try it. I'll let you know.

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Problem Solved!!!

Thanks Jannie, It worked!!! I think I rubbed a little too hard (should have looked at cotton ball and realized that gray on the c.ball means stop) but it's gone and I can deal with just a little rub through of the grain I guess.

Thanks for being my guardian angel today!!! Put a big check mark (no pun intended) in the WIN column.

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