Cleaning wood and faux wood blinds

pauline13August 27, 2008

Every window (and there are many) in our home has either white faux wood blinds or light oak colored blinds (both real and faux wood). Those that are light oak show dust very badly. Dust does not show as much on the white blinds, but it is obviously still there. We live in the country (a lot of dust and sand) and the house is modern in design (a lot of light all day long). I really need help keeping these things clean. I have tried swiffer dusters, feather dusters, whatever rag is handy, etc., but nothing really does the job. Additionally, at least 6 of these blinds are in the kitchen, breakfast room and utility room where they are exposed to cooking fumes. Is there anything that doesn't take forever that I can use to keep these blinds clean and dusted at least most of the time?

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The lambswool duster sticks work well, you need to wipe them at least once every two weeks, and go over them with a damp rag once in a while. They should stay clean.

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I use old washcloths as cleaning cloths. Or buy cheap washcloths in the dollar store. Just dip in water, wring, and they make excellent dust cleaners!

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