How to remove mold from decorative rocks

lisad71August 11, 2006

Our builder put white decorative rocks along the privacy wall of our pool and around the pool pump. A lot of the rocks now have mold growing on them and I'm wondering how to remove it.

I was thinking of filling up a bucket with water and bleach and just soaking them a couple handfuls at a time then rinsing.

Any thoughts?

- Lisa

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That will work but sounds tedious. Can you put bleach and water in a spray bottle and just carefully spritz them?

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As long as these rocks aren't near grass or other vegetation, go the bleach/water route and scrub a bit as you are spritzing. Then hose off.

What you probably have is moss. If this area of your yard is shady, it's most likely going to grow back.

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Is moss just green or can it be black, too? I just assumed it was mold because its black with a fuzzy appearance. Yuck!

I just finished pulling some weeds that were growing in this rock bed and I'm going to start spritzing the rocks with the bleach and water in a spray bottle.


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