BlueStar owners: what lube to use for hinges?

mrblandingsApril 21, 2010

I'm starting a new thread to keep this discussion focused on a single topic: what specific product(s) are BlueStar owners using to lube their door hinges, and what pros/cons have you found with those products?

I know Trevor has mentioned Pam in past threads, and I used Pam on my previous door regularly until it stuck shut. I can't say for sure that Pam was the problem, but from experience cooking I've seen vegetable oils turn hard and sticky when exposed to high heat, so I have my suspicions.

Since I replaced my door, I have been using a product called Haynes 500, which is food safe and rated to 500 degrees. It's a grease rather than an oil -- I have no professional expertise in tribology (the science of friction and lubrication) but intuitively I would expect grease to work better than oil -- or at least to work for a longer period of time.

What are others using? Has anyone heard any specific product recommendations directly from BlueStar?

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I am not a Bluestar owner. Yet.

I think this is what Trevor recommended last.

Food Grade Silicone Lube KEL 57100 by Kelloggs Professional

Here is a link that might be useful: Food Grade Silicone

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Previously I did use Pam then I found the spray stated by Deeageaux.

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I cannot find the KEL lube anywhere in Canada, anything else that might be comparable? If I ordered Kel from the US, anyone have a good source?

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Most silicone grease can't help a lot beyond 400°f so the Haynes 500 plus looks like it should be ideal. It would be nice to have an explanation of the exact binding cause. It can't be more than an occasional isolated failure or there would be more hell to pay. Perhaps the door hinge supplier has a quality problem with some batches unable to take the heat.

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I tried to order KEL up to Canada and it's non-exportable. I did find some food-grade silicone from It's called Sprayon and it's the only one they have in stock. It's rated up to 450 degrees and stinks and smokes a bit for a while and it's literally all I could find.

Clearly, it didn't work on my door but I don't really think it's the fault of the specific lubricant.

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Keitel, thanks for the heads up on the Sprayon. I hunted for the KEL in every hardware store but no luck. I went to restaurant supply stores and people I asked had no idea what I was referring to so I gave up. Was kicking myself because on a recent road trip to Chicago, I totally forgot to check for KEL down there. I'll continue to use the PAM in the meantime. Sorry to hear about your door issues.

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Kel is available right here and in the link I made in the first post.

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That's the site I tried to buy it from. As I said, they won't ship KEL to Canada.

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I got mine from Grainger. It is made by LPS, good up to 500F

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Something that is a little old fashioned and messy might work in a pinch or full time. Canadian Tire sells kits for automotive ordinary or high temp conditions consisting of powdered graphite and water put on with a mixer applicator.

A warning for anyone thinking of transporting any aerosol containers containing mentioned lubes across the border: it is not a good idea to attempt same if you can't find a WHMIS document for it on the net giving precautions and the modes of allowed transport. If you get caught it could get nasty.

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What about K-Y jelly? Or is that only useful for dealing with customer service :-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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mrblandings - I checked the Haynes website and I thought that their 500 line looked like just the ticket. I ordered the 500 plus grease... it just arrived... the tube is HUGE, enough forever. That leads me to question....where exactly on the hinge are we supposed to apply the lube? I am wondering if I should exchange the grease for a spray because I am not sure now if I can "paint on" the grease in the appropriate area of the hinge.

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buffalotina - I just tried to get a thin coat of the Haynes 500 on all surfaces of the hinge that I could get to, using my fingers to spread it around, and then using a cloth to remove some of the excess. I removed the skin from the door as discussed previously in order to have access to as much of the hinge as possible. Getting some grease where it isn't needed shouldn't hurt anything. I do think the spray might be more convenient to use, but at the time I ordered mine either it wasn't offered or I just didn't notice it. You're right that one of those huge tubes (or one can of spray presumably) would probably be enough for all BlueStar owners in this forum to use for the life of their ranges -- this stuff is clearly packaged for industrial rather than home use.

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The Grainger link looks perfect. It claims to be good up to 500 degrees F. THough I still think a grease would be better than a spray.

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I am settling for a happy medium... the Haynes 500 plus but I am exchanging the grease for the spray form...I think the spray will be easier to get in all the necessary places. I ordered direct from their website. Amazing the range of options they carry but this one did say it was for use on ovens and high & lo temps. It is not too cheap but I anticipate it lasting forever...

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From reading the Haynes web site, I think the 500 Plus spray contains the same grease product as the tube, just aerosolized, so I do think it may be the best option for convenient application on the door hinges. Please report back and let us know how you like it.

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What does Bluestar recommend? Do they say to remove the door skin? I cannot find my manual.

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mrblandings: OK so here is my report on the Haynes 500 plus SPRAY: Save your money and get the once in a lifetime purchase of the tube of grease instead! I actually returned the grease (ENORMOUS tube) for the spray.....costly mistake. This spray is an interesting animal: instead of spraying on light and nice everywhere....I found that it sprays on heavy and first spray resulted in goop everywhere including the oven gasket....I then went to spray the other hinge...this time I used a piece of masking cardboard...but still the stuff is very sprays but you endup with goop everywhere! My conclusion is that I will be spraying this stuff first onto a piece of foil and then daubing it onto the hinge after that. In other words I would have been better off keeping the cheaper enormous tube of grease rather than the spray!!

Hopefully though this product will do the trick for the hinges...certainly it is a food grade grease designed for high temps and ovens. Just get the grease NOT the more expensive spray!


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From the auto parts store spark plug anti seize (used on the threads of sparkplugs and bolts and nuts for high temp area) ItÂs the graphite paste / grease like someone has already said. I just am giving an easy source. Lock Tight is one brand. It comes in small inexpensive squeeze tubes.

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I know this is an old thread, but I found Utlralube Food grade lube at Amazon, it has a flash point of 583 F to 620 F depending on which grade you get.

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Kinda weird but the post from barryv is EXACTLY 3 years to the day from the last post. :).

And btw, my range is 5 yrs old now with original door and I have never put a drop of anything on the hinges.

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