BlueStar 4 months for delivery???

kay161April 13, 2012

Does anyone have an average timeframe for deliveries from BS?

Our kitchen reno is 95% finished, except... we're using a new, but downgrade rangetop on loan from the appliance dealer. The latest we've heard is that our top probably will NOT be here until late MAY!!

We're beginning to think the appliance dealer (he's new to BS) just plain forgot to place the order. We know he forgot to place the original order... all pre-paid in early Jan. BUT, even if it was ordered in early Feb, shouldn't it be here by now??

DH is not a happy camper, as he's been really looking forward to using the charbroiler.

Anyone had trouble with BS, or do we just tell the dealer we will never buy from him again? You'd think buying $11,000 worth of appliances (BS/vent-A-Hood and Electrolux Icon Combo) would get more attention.

OK. Sorry. Enough ranting.

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I just talked to the purchasing agent of the BlueStar distributor that carries the line in my area and was advised that the average shipping time for standard models is about five to six weeks. Custom colors or modified burner, door, or other configurations usually take a week or two longer. This jibes with my own ordering experiance from several years ago. My 36" BlueStar cooktop arrived about five weeks after I placed the order. Hope this information helps.

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We purchased our RNB 36" 6 Burner Jet Black range in 2010.
Delivery was 6 weeks.
It certainly looks like your dealer dropped the ball but I don't know that I would cause a rift because he's probably going to be your first point of contact in the event that you need a repair later on.
You may have to just grit your teeth and smile.

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Well, I'm actually glad to know it's the dealer. We think he's just gotten in over his head by taking on a couple of new product lines.

Maybe we'll try to work a deal on a new dishwasher:-)

Thanks for your input.

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I was quoted 6-8 weeks w/custom color and burner config, we ordered 4 months in advance of need. The dealer did say that typically requesting anything under 6 weeks is a $450 extra charge.

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I was quoted the same - 4 weeks. Six weeks for custom colored. Can be expedited for a fee so if your dealer forgot to order he should pay the fee and get you the appliance. I would recommend calling BS directly and finding out when/if your order was placed.

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I guess I am not alone...On March 20 I purchased a 36in Bluestar rangetop with grill at which time I was told 4 - 5 weeks. I followed up 2 weeks ago and was told everything is on track. Now I am being told another month. I'll be calling Bluestar directly Monday to hopefully find out the details. The dealer told me the distributor said if I did not want to wait another month I should just buy another rangetop. Sounds like a great distributor...

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