Extension cord for stick vacuum

jen4t25August 29, 2010

I have all hardwood (& tile) in my apartment. I use a stick vacuum 2x a day because I have a shedding dog. I have a $20 Eureka that I love but it has pretty short cord....so I bought a cordless stick vac (3X's the price) that doesn't do the job as well as my corded vac.

My question is does anyone know of a good cordless retractable extension cord I could use with my stick vacuum? I was thinking of just a small one that I could bring room to room but as I was typing this I started thinking I could use a long one & just keep it plugged in as I go room to room. Does anyone do either of these?

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I would buy a regular extension cord. One with a 3 pronged plug and recepticle, if your vacuum has a 3 pronged plug, which it probably does. After it is plugged into the vacuum I'd tape the vacuum cord and extension cord together with electricians tape.

A retractable extension cord may sound like what you need but then you have to find a place to put the cord box too. Besides when it retracts it might dislodge the cords. A regular extension cord can be wound over your elbow and hand to make a large circle and put on the vacuum handle out of the way.

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I think a retractable extension cord would work, but it will cost quite a bit. My suggestion to you is to purchase an extension cord for smaller appliances like vacuum cleaners. You can find a 20ft. extension cord for around $10. These cords will be round and have two prongs, which is all you will need for your stick vac. You can keep the cord with your stick vac, in the closet, when you put the vacuum away.

I think Woods made these extension cords. They were about 20ft. and gray.

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Ok so a regular extension cord seems to be the best bet....thank you

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I have done the same thing with a stick vacuum and I used a velcro bundling strap to wrap around the extension cord and the vacuum handle for storing which helps to contain the extension cord and store it neatly.

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Be sure to use a heavy duty extension cord. The cheap ones are very thin wire which has high resistance and could create enough heat to damage the vac's motor.

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