Let There Be Light table

christmascandyJune 15, 2011

I found this cute battery operated lighthouse fountain at GdWl. It has a switch and it can just be the fountain or make sounds like waves crashing/seagulls screeching along with the fountain.

Then at the same store, I found these dishes:

I used the red in the lighthouse for the color of the silverware, and the blue for the candles, and black for the napkins.

The hammered silver chargers reappear:

The blue and clear DT goblets are paired with dark blue cups/saucers from a TS.

The clear candleholders are also DT.

Can you hear the waves?? LOL



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Just amazes me what you find, and all goes together as if its meant to be...and as if its from a high-end store. You must be a magician with all the tables you pull out out of your TS Hat!

Glad you're back from vacation.
hugs, Karen

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Isn't that fountain just the CUTEST centerpc!!! Wow, what inspiration for your table...& then you find the 'matching' dinnerware! Looks like you're ON a vacation instead of just coming back! Like the RW&B combo of flatware, stemware & cups...plus the t'cloth.

Really like how you heightened the centerpc on cake plate & added to it...I think you need to move it out to your patio table when you're done w/it indoors! Fun, cheery table! AHOY! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Great nautical table. The dishes are wonderful!

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Leave it to you to find such an adorable CP...and then who would have thought that
you'd have Lighthouse Dinnerware to go with it!!
Such a cute table and I love all the 'Blue' accents you used.
Are those plates Debbie Mumm?
Very nice setting.


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This is a terrific table, Candy. It's really like being at the ocean. The lighthouse CP and dishes are wonderful.
You have the best luck finding things that go together and always at great prices. Using the red flat ware and black napkins is the perfect contrast for this wonderful nautical table. Looking at it makes me want to spend a day at the beach and feel the ocean breezes!

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Marlene Kindred

What a great summer time table!! Love the centerpiece and the plates are really cute! You guys are so lucky to find such great dishes at TS and GW stores...ours always have junky dishes. Love the beach theme.....

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I am glad to be back, although we had a very nice visit and DGD's graduation was chilly but no rain. They have a different tradition I had not seen before. Many of the parents buy "graduation leis" for their students to wear with their cap and gown. That is not a tradition in Colorado!

I was excited by how well the lighthouse in the fountain matched the plates. The plates are made in China, not Debbie Mumm.
I think I will move it out to the patio. Good idea! The cake plate it is on was a TS find last year. The rocks are from my yard, LOL.
I actually used an old blanket for the tablecloth because I thought the texture seemed more "wave-like."

Fortunately for my wallet, I don't always find cute/nice/unusual dishes at the TS's, LOL
Also good as I am getting quite the collection and have to keep stacking everything higher and higher.

Thanks everybody,

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Candy, beautiful table and what a fun CP you found! The plates are just perfect. I just bought the same goblets from DT yesterday! Nice look with the blanket for the tablecloth. It's perfect! The whole table makes me want to find a sandy beach to relax on!

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Candy, this is one fabulous table. I can almost hear the waves and taste the salt spray. You do find the greatest things, as the others have already said and you have such a knack for putting things together that work so well together. TFS Janet

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That is so wonderful that the light house on the plates matches the one on the water fall! Fantastic. I've seen some similar plates and always think of Kathleen since she lives on Long Island near the water and all. Would have bought them up and shipped them her way--but postage takes the fun out of it! Very pretty table, and you did a great job pulling it all together Candy.

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Candy, wonderful find with your neat lighthouse cp and dishes. I love the way you added extra rocks on the table too. The blanket for the table covering worked great to give some texture.

I can relate to stacking dishes higher.LOL


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Kath, I would love to be on a sandy beach right now, with the rain and gloom we are having at the moment.

Janet, you could hear the waves with the CP turned on, LOL!

Luvs, I thought it was cool that the lighthouse was the same black/white as on the dishes as there are so many different types of lighthouses.

Punk, I just bought a "new" tall bookshelf at the TS as I needed more storage for the dishes. DH wasn't too thrilled, but decided it might help create more order out of the disorder!

Thanks everyone,

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Candy, that is hilarious and so true! More order out of the disorder! I hope your new book shelf will allow you to buy alot more dishes to share with us.

I still have my set of red, wht and blk dishes waiting for a new place to hang out permanently. It's time to get more order here too.


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This is the lighthouse table I created last year.
The CP is the same one I used on the Nat'l Lighthouse table, but the dishes are different. I got rid on the ones on this table as the borders on the plates weren't permanent and were fading off of them. : (
The "new" Aqua bordered plates are a name brand and should not have that problem.


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You have such an eye for detail, CC. I always enjoy looking at your creations.

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