? About granite shelves in niches?

raehelenApril 9, 2013

Still not sure exactly how big niches will be, can't be very wide as they have to go on short 3' wall along with shower heads and valves. So probably under 12" wide, though may be able to make them tall enough to have 2 shelves.

Am thinking we will line them either with same limestone looking porcelain tiles as walls (or real limestone 'crazy paving' mosaic if my tile guy can source it), but want to make the actual shelves out of my granite. What did you guys do when your granite is 3cm thick, seems like a very thick shelf!

And, then, if you use 3cm thick granite, how do you support a second shelf? Is just the edge of the tile and the mortar enough to hold it in place?

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Our niches have 2cm granite shelves and the top shelf is supported by the tile below. Our fabricator was able to cut the slab down to this thickness.

Remember to pitch them slightly outward for drainage.

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You can also buy quite thin granite tiles (1cm I think) and have your tile guy cut them into whatever shape you need and use them for shelves.

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In my master, the granite was 3cm and I opted for very similar looking marble pieces for the base, 3/8 glass for the shelves. In my other bath, I used caesarstone. Yes 3cm is too thick for a shelf, even a base in my opinion. Depending on the granite, they can cut it down. they could not in my case, too many fissures.

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Here's the other bath.

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