Wall oven help! Advantium + Wolf vs. Electrolux??

acgummadApril 6, 2013

Ok all, I've narrowed down the situations from a previous post into two. Would love your opinion and rationale for the following brand combinations...

Going with a wall speed oven + single wall oven underneath. Two options are:

1) GE Monogram Advantium 220V + Wolf E Series
2) Electrolux Speed Oven + Electrolux Single Wall Oven

The first option is a combined $2500+ more than the second option. The first option comprises appliances I have easy access to, the second - I haven't found one single store in Grand Rapids who has a display of Elux appliances to check out.

Whatdya think??

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I'm not that familiar with Grand Rapids, but aren't there Sears stores there?, They usually carry Electrolux appliances.

I am only familiar with the Electrolux as far as "Personal Use" of same. We have had the Electrolux single 30" wall oven and the speed oven for close to 7 years now. We luv them both.

Both have been trouble free except for a screw that came loose for the handle on the speed oven.

The regular oven the temps are spot on, even, etc and it performs great, and both the convection fan and regular fans are very quiet. The glide out racks are as smooth operating as the day they were new, and they stay where you put them, (In or out)---just make sure the oven is level.

The speed oven is a bit noiser, I would say on a level with your average microwave, if you are using it as a microwave or speed oven. We use it a lot as both, and after 7 years never a hic cup out of the microwave portion of it. I mention this because of some posts, (Not Electrolux), claiming microwaves are short lived nowadays and are disposables---well not this one and I have "Nuked" a ton of stuff, including 3 or 4 cups of instant coffee, every morning.

One thing the Elux Speed oven will not do is broil, The Miele does, and I think the Advantium will, but not a big deal to us as the regular oven has a broiler, and we have an infrared broiler out on the patio kitchen which we really luv and No smoke in kitchen.

Of the 3 popular speed ovens, Advantium, Miele and Electrolux, The Elux has the smallest interior, but for the stuff we cook day in/day out, it is plenty big for us. (Turkey breasts , thighs and legs, meat loafs, sea food, pies, etc etc.

We like the fact that the oven and speed oven are the same style, handles, display etc and the controls are very similar, so can walk from one to the other and operate it without "Thinking Twice", but we are not Matchey Matchey as we have a Miele Dishwasher and a Jenn-air Fridge---(Like ,most folks here in GW, we try to pick the best brand appliance for the job).

You will find many positive review here in Gardenweb for the Elux ovens, less so for the Speed oven, as more folks thought they needed the larger size, or the broiler or who knows what, and went with one of the other two. Both of them are great too!



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it was a close decision for me between the 2 - they were my final choices - I ended up with option 1 as Wolf had a big sale and I snagged it.(and previously posted the picture)

I do think those Elux ovens are "sexy" with 3 ball bearing racks (or 2) and the blue interiors

The Advantium does have the halogen lights which brown things nicely - I did have my first almost failure - I made a half order of scalloped potatoes and forgot to adjust the time.... I also used a small pan - what a mess and didn't think I would ever get the corning clean - My DH actually loved the dark edges - and the pan did come out squeaky clean.

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Thanks, a2gemini. So, with what you wrote, I'm led to believe that option 1 was your first choice anyway, right? The Elux option is significantly cheaper, so if you went with option #1 because you got a good deal on your Wolf, seems that that was your preferred brand/appliance combination?

The Elux ovens are definitely sexy-looking. But I'm a little worried about the interior capacity of the Elux speed oven. I'm already going with a smaller oven with a speed appliance, so that Elux has the smallest interior of most speed ovens worries me a little...

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And Gary, yes, I think there's a Sears store in GR, but it's more an issue of market. We had a huge Elux facility in West Michigan that closed when Whirlpool shipped all those jobs to Mexico. Elux is not a popular brand around here, and the retailers that sell them can do nothing more than accept custom orders. The appliances themselves are not in showrooms, not on display,... there doesn't seem to be one retailer I can go to to browse or inquire about them. Maybe that, in and of itself, should be a red flag...

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I was initially leaning towards the Elux set up - then heard about flaking of the porcelain just as I was about to plunk down the dollars - then Wolf had a sale - I also had Miele in the mix but there were some negative reviews around the same time.

I went to an accidental demo for the Advantium - it was impressive but had it in my back burner and then remembered hearing about pairing it with the Wolf.

The Wolf interior was bigger than the Elux interior for the convection oven.

Of course, now I hear someone is having flaking on the Wolf - so who knows what is best.

As my cardiologist friend says - Sometimes you just have to go with your heart... I went with my heart

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I thought I would follow up on this post.... seems the decision is going to be made for me. I plan to go with the Advantium and Wolf, mainly because there isn't a showroom within a 250 mile radius of me that has an Elux speed oven or single wall oven, and if I can't see, touch, and feel these machines, I'm not buying them! Too bad, I would have loved to check these out. Elux should consider this.... will be hard for them to sell appliances they can't get in front of their consumers.

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Still happy with our decision.
Be sure they match the trim!

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You will love the Advantium. Did you buy it yet? We got the 240V and have used it a lot. We are having to learn and watch the timing on things, as we are adding time to many pre-sets. I do like that it will save your changes if you tell it to.

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Haven't bought any appliances yet, whit. Soon enough, soon enough! I'll admit I'm intimidated by the Advantium. I tried to use my cousin's once, and I was a nightmare. I'm just used to traditional kitchen machines. I hope I'll be able to figure it out!

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acgu - just use some common sense and it works

How long do you want to cook an item - remember it takes a lot less time than a standard oven - I cooked 2 giant potatoes (over a pound each) in 9 minutes flat and they were absolutely wonderful

Do you need the top browned and how much - if you want a lot of browning - you increase the number and less if it is going to be in the oven for a long time

Do you need heat from the bottom - be sure to use an oven safe dish that is not metal (although you need to use the metal tray..

Do you want to speed up the cooking - add the MW - I usually use a number of 2-4 if I am speed cooking

Do you want convection - move the air around a bit.

Then push start and ready to go.

Have I had any failure - yup - one massive scalloped potato - forgot I was only cooking half a recipe and used a small corning dish - and it overflowed and had really dark edges - then my DH started nibbling the dark edges and thought they were great.

Have fun!!

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OK, I'm following up on this one. What if I were to toss Jenn-Air into this mix? What if my speed oven + single wall oven options were JA, Elux, or Advantium + Wolf? I'm feeling pressured to buy JA ovens because, of these three options, they will look the best in the kitchen were designing, and I get a free DW with them that my appliance salesman is letting me sell back to them in exchange for 1000$ credit toward the Miele DW I want. Very attractive offer. Help!!

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ACGU - I looked at the Jennair and the recent reviews and knocked it off my list - look at the reviews but go with your heart.
Remember, even those with bad reviews, still have many with positive reviews.

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Don't see why oven and speedcook/microwave have to be the same brand. Several here have posted pics of an Advantium over other brand ovens and the difference in styling wasn't obvious - indeed someone had a Monogram Advantium over a Wolf oven. Helps that GE has three styling options for the wall-oven Advantium - four if you count the recently-discontinued Profile model.

The new Bosch ovens with the side-opening doors look promising; the Electrolux (or or better yet, Electrolux Icon) are also excellent.

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Ideally, I'd like to have a 240 advantium/monogram over a wolf e series/professional. .....But I'm afraid it would look bad or awkward. Have you seen them paired, stacked, or side by side to compare?

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oops, posted above to wrong thread, see Ge advantium conundrum

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