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maimieAugust 28, 2012

Hi All, Decided to start a new thread since previous goes back to 2005. I am about to move into a lovely condo w/off white carpeting. I live alone & plan to keep slippers next to each entry door so I won't track dirt in. I do not plan to ask guests to remove their shoes! My daughter insist I have the entire 5 rooms of carpeting prof cleaned, (no carpeting in kitchen), & my answer to that was to buy a Hoover steam vac. I wld like to have it prof cleaned BUT, my unit, (1st flr) wld have to be accessed by a portable machine for cleaing since prking is a bit of distance. Is there any prof cleaner you wld rec? I will have this prof done but then keep it up myself. Thank you all in advance. Love this site & have for years!!!!

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No but I will tell you the most important thing you can do is have it treated after shampooing whether you do it or a pro. I forget what the treatment is called but it makes stains easily removed the next time it is shampooed. It has been years since I used one.

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I've got one of the Hoover steam cleaners, and find that it does a fantastic job of cleaning--at least as good, as the very pricey professional job I had done when I bought the house.

It's so nice to have it handy and be able to do one or two rooms at a time (rather than having the house done all at once, then not being able to really 'live' there for hours.

I use about 1/4 of the recommended (and I use the allergy-free) cleaner. Carpets stay clean far longer that way, because you don't have that residue attracting dirt (like you do from the professional jobs or if you use the 'full dose' of cleaner in your home machine).

My white living room carpet stays clean for about 6 months to a year, but in all honesty, no one ever comes in and out my front door, so that helps a lot.

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Azzalea, Thank you for your positive review of the Hoover. Mine is still in box but will get used this weekend when I move. The rec of using 1/4 cleaner is a good one. Thanks again.

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maimie, I too have a Hoover steamvac. I swear you are gonna love it. I second everything azzalea said. try it, you'll like it. I have two dogs so needless to say there are times when I need to do a little extra cleaning. It's so easy. good luck with yours.

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Hi. Found this thread. Just in case anyone needs to know, I just fixed my Mother's Hoover Steamvac F5853-900 made in 1985. She was going to get rid of it because it had no suction anymore. I brought it home, took it apart (tanks) and cleaned the darn thing! It was filled with cat hair (5 cats). Filter was blocked, brushed clogged and wouldn't turn. Figured out the lack of suction was due to the fact that under the front hood shield, where the water is supposed to get sucked up from the wet carpet, was totally clogged with dried cat hair. I unscrewed the shield and cleaned out the whole area.

The unit it going strong now with really good suction. Almost 30 years old and it's near good as new. Still smells a little like 'cat' though. LOL

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