Someone bought my fridge!

cottonpennyApril 3, 2012

I saw Liebherr fridges at a home show I went to on Saturday. I fell in love. Prior to that, I thought why would one spend money on something that cools the same.

But they are mostly out of my budget. Until I found a unit that had some cosmetic damage to the internal walls for a steep discount - the CS2062 36" freestanding french door. I know I would never see the internal walls of my fridge, so I was psyched. I emailed the appliance store on Sunday, then called yesterday but needed time to convince DH that buying a fridge on ebay was a good idea and make sure my builder could house the fridge in his warehouse before placing the order.

Today I called and they took my order and processed my payment.

15 min later they called back and said someone had walked in the storefront earlier today and paid cash.

I know it's what I like to call a "first world problem" but I'm still sad my dream of a sexy fridge has been crushed. Back to looking at Kitchenaids, I guess.

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Buying stuff on the internet then sticking it in some "free storage" without careful inspection on delivery plus leaving it untested for months on end is not always a good idea.

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My advice: don't capitulate too easily. Time is on your side right now, CP. Is your food spoiling? Is your family starving because you can't keep food fresh?

It is to your advantage to not be ready to take possession of your fridge yet. Take a tip from deeageaux on this and hunt what you want like you really mean it. If you do, you will find one that you can afford.

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