OT...'Dream Birds' Transformation...just a little can of paint!

jeannespinesJune 28, 2011

Is there a 'bird' holiday??? Oh, probably not...well, since I am having too much fun outside & vacationing, I am not getting much done for the Holidays!

But, speaking of Holidays, excessfroufrou was my Secret Santa on the Garden Junk Forum this past Christmas & I've been using some of her GJ gifts in my gardens... here's a couple of birds she sent me:

I have found out that I LOVE Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint! Here's hammered brown:

A close-up view:

Besides playing outside & vacationing (& having sweatshirt days & then tank top days), we've been working on siding our ranch-style house of 40 yrs...ugh! But, anyway, hope you enjoyed my new birds & here's a couple garden pics from this weekend:

Lilies started blooming (at our man-made pond):'

...and more Lilies started blooming at the new Lily garden from last yr:

And even tho I dug & dug up my Lilies from the old garden ...some of them just keep popping thru...here's some with the Hydrangea in the garden by my garden shed:

Mandevilla Vine wasn't liking our Spring/Summer weather so I had to move it from the Door Arbor & now it is starting to like it's new home at this old water wheel (no longer workin') that my DH built me some yrs ago:

The door arbor now has red Geraniums instead! The White Cleome are up & in a few weeks they'll be tall & I'll send a pic of the whole Door Arbor...

So, I'm still with you all...hope you enjoyed my garden tour...& I still am having time to "collect & stash!" LOL! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Birds should have a holiday. Especially if Dustbunnies do. (Go figure, I can't decorate for real holidays but I can do crazy stuff like tea parties for my dustbunnies.) So I'm thinking Jeanne, you are now going to have to do a bird table to share with everyone....
if you can stay inside long enough that is. ;o)

You've had me green with envy over your yard many times, and the above photos are no exception.
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne..I enjoyed seeing your pictures.


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Such pretty pictures Jeanne, I can tell you put allot of love into your home and garden. Luvs

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I would never in a million years thought of painting those birds like that, they look wonderful. They look very Jeannified now. I love that hammered paint too. The lily garden is coming along nicely, I love the lilies and hydrangeas together, they look like they came from a florist. I know what you mean about not having time to post, we have been camping and vacationing a lot and then the yard takes all the rest of our time. After 40 years in one place your gardens look mature and well tended. My DH has found a house that he is wanting to buy and move to, I'm opposed. I've spent countless hours of work in our yard and do not want to start over now. Plus, I don't think the new neighboors would appreciate my yard art. Sorry,I didn't mean to ramble.

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Jeanne, beautiful birds from Frou and I love the new look too. Enjoyed seeing all your flowers and decorations. You have so many neat things set out in your yard and they look great with your beautiful flowers.

I'll go for this look in place of indoor decor any time your willing to share.


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Thanks, "Holiday-ers!"
Dustbunnies & birds go tog, uh? LOL, purplemoon!

marylee, luvs, frou...appreciate your comments ... & frou, my gardens aren't 40 yrs old ...they've just grown as I've grown (that means aging & retired) ...have always been an outside girl! & wow, good luck if you start over...cause your gardens are beautiful!!! I have LOTS of weeds & am behind. Happy Holiday-ing for the 4th! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, the birds are so cute and I LOVE your garden. Using the doors for an arbor is wonderful. I've wanted a perennial garden for years, but moles are a big problem. I'm trying again tho, my son cleared out a spot in front of our old pony shed and we painted it green, my son added faux shutters. I'm starting small with some lilies and lavender. Oops, didn't mean to hijack your post.
Frou I hope you don't move.

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That's wonderful, nana!! Gardening & being 'outside' is the best therapy ever (in my book) ...that is, if the weather allows you these luxaries!!! LOL! Your shed sounds wonderful...hope you will share a pic when DD is around. We often have moles, too...they are a pain! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I am not an outdoor person at all. I started planting flowers, mostly annuals, years ago so that I would have to go outside. [other than being out there when the kids were too little be outside alone.] Now I look forward to planting every year.

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isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do to give you a whole new look - love those birds

love the pictures of your gardens - I would dearly love to have the lilies like you do but the voles eat them faster than I can plant the bulbs. I did try containers this year with mixed results. The arbor is wonderful and I dearly love that water wheel - TFS .....


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Jeanne wonderful transformation with the birds. Amazing what a change in paint color and texture will do.
As always, love your Garden Pics...All your & DH's hard work shows...everything is just beautiful!


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Beautiful transformation on the birds. I haven't tried the hammered paint but you have got me wanting to try it. Your flowers are lovely. TFS janet

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Thanks, "Holiday-ers" ... altho I am LOL! Cause part of the magic of the camera is framing what you want to share...so, SEE, you don't see any of my many, many WEEDS!

Bee Balm this evening ....this area is part of the Door Arbor vignette:

Closer side view:

Beautiful Bee Balm getting ready to bloom ...close-up:

Hydrangea & Red Sun (yup, I painted that cast iron sun 2 yrs ago):

Maybe some of the Bee Balm will bloom for July 4th...it's RED! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the way your birds turned out Jeanne! It's always amazing to see how your creations turn out. And, I LOVE the orange lilies with the white hydrangea! Looks so nice together. I know what you mean about plants that keep popping through...DH and I dug up a whole bed last year and I've still got things popping up. Love your bee balm and your red sun face....everything looks just beautiful! Wish I had your photography ability....TFS!

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