Need Help On How To Get Out Dried Blood

bettyd_z7_vaAugust 24, 2009

Our 76 year old Aunt has some antique quilts that have dried blood on them in several spots. Long story, but I don't think the spots are more than a few months old.

She wants to keep them because her Aunt made them for her many years ago.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the blood out?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance.


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Soak them in hyrogen peroxide, then wash gently.

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They are double bed size. How much ratio peroxide to water?
Thanks SOOO much for your help.

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I pour the hydrogen peroxide directly on the blood stain, and then rinse with water. The hydrogen peroxide works immediately. You will see it bubble and the stain is gone.

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Thank You both so much, Jannie and Graywings.

I will let you know how well it works for me.

Thanks again,


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