Mildew on mesh outdoor chairs

grozerAugust 1, 2009

I have two patio chairs that have aluminum frames and attached mesh seats and backs. The mesh is a green/white mix. Over the course of a few weeks the mesh turns black; I'm guessing that it's mildew. I can take an old white towel, soak it in water and wring it out, put in on the mesh, and then soak with a bleach/water mixture. I then let the chairs sit in the sun to dry. Afterwards the chairs look as good as new. But a few days later the mildew/black color comes back. I have also tried scrubbing with the bleach mixture, but that doesn't last either. I love the chairs and hate to get rid of them. Does anyone have any ideas how I could clean the mesh for good? Thanks so much!

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Do you have anything large enough to submerge them in? I'm thinking that some mildew remains after cleaning and starts regrowing as soon as you turn your back. Soaking would give the bleach solution time to get to the nooks and crannies.

Can you put them in the sunshine, turning them upside down and sideways to allow the sun to bake on all parts? Mildew seldom grows in sunshine.

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You must be keeping them in a dark, damp place. Put them in a sunny, dry spot.

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After you do the bleach thing, you need to wash them really well.....hit them with as tiff spray from the hose and scrub with a brush.
You still have "crud" in the mesh that is allowing mold to grow.
Linda C

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Thanks for all your responses. I do let the chairs bake in the sun. I think the problem is residual mildew and that the chairs need a good soaking (I can't think of anything big enough to soak them in) or a good scrubbing after I'm done with the bleach. I'll give it a good try tomorrow. Thanks again!

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You might try ammonia -I used it to remove a spot of mildew on outside of our house last year. Despite 3 weeks of rain this spring it hasn't come far.

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There is a distinct possibility that what you have is NOT mildew, but an unusual algal organism that produces a black stain. I have had very pleasing results using the commercial house cleaner JO_MAX from Home depot, Lowes, etc . On the flip side, Clorox/water(1:1)seems to work very well, but, as cited, the surfaces must be completely and thoroly wetted.
Good Luck!!!

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