A project in progress

milosmom_gwJune 6, 2012

or better titled "the things I will drag home". lol

As a test to my DHs endurance , the look on his face was less priceless this time than it was with the stinky chicken coop china cabinet but still, he did "the sigh".

I know , it's only June but it's time for me to start planning for Christmas. I have chosen the color scheme specifically for my son in his school colors as my "baby" will be a Senior this school year and graduate in the spring.

I wanted to "pedestal" his tree somehow ,but keep it safe for all the furkids, so enter the idea I've seen on several blogs of putting it "in" a dresser. Ok, now to find a dresser of the right size... hmmm

I had almost given up hope of finding the right size that could work until I stopped at my favorite TS the other day. The poor Manager has over the years became my friend and is no longer shocked by my odd requests.

I asked her if she had anything that would work. She thinks a minute and says she thinks so. She sends a guy out back (the only thing out back is the dumpster...oh gawd!!) and we chat for a bit.

The guy comes back toting this ....

Upon inspection, it's worse than it looks and is badly water damaged at the bottom but she says she has faith I'll make it work and tells the man to load it up. I have hope! *score* She laughs as I walk away happy as a clam , saying "bring me a picture when you finish it!!".

I got out in the garage and started working on it today... I've decided I'm a glutton for punishment with my bright ideas but I digress....

A hammer , chisel ,and a half hour with the elec sander later .... here is the end of day 1

Tomorrow is drill the holes and primer. Will add to this as I go.

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You are ambitious, creative, and a total hoot. Must be nice to know the GW manager so well. LOL This is going to be really interesting to watch develop into something incredible.

You Go, Girl !!
hugs, Karen

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MM, this is super that you found something that will work for DS's tree. Looks like you've already jumped in with both feet on this project. Will be so fun to see the final reveal! You've got my curiosity up as to what colors you will be using.

I so love seeing what others create that I can only dream about with the life I lead.LOL However, tomorrow I've hired two gals to come in for a few hours in the afternoon so I can take off and do whatever I choose.


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Well..you put alot of sweat equity into your 'score'...
and it really turned out nice and clean and ready to finish. Great job!
I'm just curious though to see the end results and
what you have in mind for the tree.
I'm looking forward to the reveal.

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I thought I was the only one that knew the TS personnel by their first names, LOL

This looks like a great project and can't wait to see it finished.

Enjoy and share the final project please.


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Waiting for paint to dry is a drag. lol
It's all finished, so more pics to come this evening :).

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The paint finally dried. Humidity sure doesn't help with that step.

Got it primed last night ...

Dragged it back out to the garage and piled on 2 coats of paint and waited...

It's a little bit darker than the pic appears but I wanted a very very deep cream, thinking that would look best with a green tree and will blend away with most any color schemes.

Now to pull it all together.... *crap* ...Better to find this out now rather than later, the tree stand is to big to fit on the bottom shelf. Not to be outdone, it's time to improvise.
Think for awhile ... off to the hardware store for some parts. Wander along the plumbing aisle with "the plan". Man comes along and asks if I need help but I quickly realize that if I tell him what I need and why , he'll have me escorted away as a nut, no help needed , thank you.
Success! Found what I was looking for , a pvc floor drain. Off to get some screws to hold it all together.
Get back home on a mission...
After dragging out some scrap pvc pipe , a saw and some spray paint - oh darnit, wait for the paint to dry (again).
1 hour later
a finished product!! ..

For the most part , using what I had on hand.. Total project cost:: $3.84

Now it'll sit in the garage for a few days to "cure" and then be sent off to storage until Thanksgiving when it's time to put the tree up.

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OMgosh, MM! Unbelievable! All that work & then improvise! Amazing! I love the painted finish ...the handles back on & that pvc pipe/drain to solve the problem! Wow! You did good! Now it will be fun to see it w/'decor' come Thanksgiving! Awesome, MM! Jeanne S.

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Woooweee MM...it tured out fabulous!
Great color choice too..I love it.
Now I 'clearly' get the idea you had in mind with mounting the tree 'through' the top to make it kitty cat safe! lol
When I read about your dilemma with the tree stand...I
immediately thought 'PVC' pipe...DH & I have used it many a time for various things..great stuff.
You did a super job solving that problem.
Now I'll be looking forward to seeing it with the tree.
You've got to be so happy and proud at what you accomplished and so quickly too!
Don't forget to show that TS owner a pic of what you did. She'll be amazed.

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Wonderful job MM. You are so talented, creative and resourseful. Give yourself a big pat on the back!! :)
your DS will be so happy with his kiity proof tree stand.

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Now that is thinking outside the box so you can have a kitty cat proof Christmas tree! I think your pvc actually looks better than the stand would have, good thinking on your part. Lots of hard work I know, but it sure turned out nice. I know your friend at the ts will be very impressed. Don't be surprised if she starts saving throw aways for you now that she knows you can work magic on them! LOL

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Super job!!! Cute, clever, creative!! You go girl!

And you can put all kinds of different things in the base:
a village
greenery arrangement
large ornies
jars, cloches, other containers
almost anything you can think of and with a piece of plexi in front or even wrap heavy saran wrap around it, should keep Miss Kitty from getting in and messing things up, LOL



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MM, it looks marvelous! Would never know it's the same piece. I agree you better take picture and share with your friend at the ts.

It is great having you back to help keep things moving here. I will be looking forward to seeing it all decorated for Christmas too.


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What a great idea, milo's mom! I use a large resin urn(filled with broken up bricks)for my 5' trees. They're stored in the gargage and covered with a large trash bag. ;o)

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I'm sure glad the others used up all the 'good' words, LOL, as I am darn near speechless! Thank goodness for photos, this had to be SEEN to be believed. And also thank goodness your tree stand was too big, the pipe is a FAR better idea! I'm with Candy, ALL kinds of possiblities for the bottom cabinet now. (even a kitty bed to keep the cat happy. LOL)
You have totally made me want to do this, and not just because I have 4 cats!! Tho knowing me, I need to find a chest that ONLY needs spray paint. ;o) But I am so loving your idea and all the neat stuff that can be done with it.

Also, you kept me laughing the whole time. You are a hoot as well as creative! Probably first time I've laughed in the past two weeks too! (have been so sick with a monster cold virus, and coughed my head off the whole time. Glad I can post and not TALK to you, I sound like a frog being tortured)
hugs, Karen

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Karen: I'm sorry you've been sick :(.
Summer seems to be THE worst time to get those viruses because they just keep plugging away and refuse to leave.
Rest and feel better!!

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Meant to ask, how tall is the tree going in this? And will the lower branches now "sit" on the cabinet? I am so anxious to see it all done. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen: The tree going on it is 6 foot tall. I'm not sure yet if the lower branches are going to sit on the cabinet or not. I'm going to wait and see what it looks like and decide from there. I may not use the bottom branches.
Time will tell :-).

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