I was boasting about cleaning my plants with the steam cleaner...

albert_135August 9, 2008

I was boasting to the spouse about cleaning my plants with the steam cleaner and she says something to the affect "You dumb klutz, it describes in the manual that came with the steam cleaner how to use it for cleaning plants." Oh. Well. vbg etc.

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Live plants or fake?

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I don't get it.

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Live plants, I hold my steam cleaner wand about 12-14 inches from the leaves and wash off the dust. I tested it on my forearm like a young mother testing the babies bottle for correct temperature.

I boasted of having discovered this myself and my spouse says the procedure was already described in the manual.

Oh, well. Nevermind. Apparently you too are unimpressed.

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I think your wife is lucky to have a hubby that will help out w the housework; and so creative as to think of using the steam cleaner wand for this. Never mind that it is in the manual. I never read them (other than assembly upon occasion).

You did discover it yourself since you did not read the manual, so your wife sounds like she's got an attitude problem. Had my this happended to me w my hubby, I would have said "what a great idea and how nice of you to think of it!"


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Well, the fact that you can use a steamer on live plants is news to me. I stick mine in the bathtub and turn the shower on or hose them down with the garden hose outside.

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I agree w/lynne sjo. I would have fainted from shock if my husband had done this and then thanked him for telling me about it! I'm a florist & a gardener & in a gazillion years I would not have thought of using a steam cleaner on real plants so kudos to you for sharing this info w/us!!!! I've had a steam cleaner for yrs & never saw this in the manual. Thanks again for the info!

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I used to put all my plants in the bathtub and turn on the shower (cool water) to give them a nice bath. I don't own a steam cleaner, but I am now very tempted. It's going on my Christmas Wish List, along with the Amazon "kindle" electronic book reader.

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