Elextrolux / ICON / Pro or Designer help

tjeff2000April 3, 2012

Hi all,

I'm new on here.

I am currenlty in the middle of building a new house and need to make a decision on the appliances asap.

At first we started out looking at thermador double wall over, upgraded dishwasher with the special going on, induction top and an electrolux fridge.

After looking around here, I'm not too crazy about the thermador reliability.

I went to another showroom and saw the Electrolux ICON series. However, after calling around to about 20 local dealers, none of the have the ICON designer series on display. They all have the pro series on display. I kind of like the designer double oven with the black accents over the pro with solid stainless everywhere. As for the curved handles over the pro, we plan on getting the draw micro that has a curved handle anyways. (so confused right now, the name of micr escapes me althought I heard sharp makes them all anyways.) Also not a big fan of the clear glass either on the double ovens. Will the racks discolor over time and be an eyesore??? On the designer series, the black gives it the allusion of a tinted glass eventhough the rep said it also a clear one.

Is the designer series 'out of date'? Nobody has it on display, not even a single piece.

Seems like I'm becoming pro elextrolux, because even the regular series is a concideration. (30" ovens, dishwasher, and induction, however, I like the icon induction layout better so that choice has already been made.)

Any advise for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Jeff -- I just purchased an Electrolux Icon Professional fridge, I actually really like the pro look better! We also ordered the trim kit.
As for the ovens, either one works pretty much the same, just a different look, with a few extra bells on the Icon.The Icom was a second choice for me...I ended up with Gaggenau double ovens.
It sounds like you are drawn to the designer series for looks, and not knowing where you are located, can't chime in on where you can see them. Good luck with your choices!

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I have the Icon Designer Series, single oven.
We liked the curved handles rather than the "Pro-handles".
We have a 48" built in Jenn-air Fridge, but we bought the
Elux Designer Fridge handles for it.

Our semi-integreated Miele Optima (the controls show), also has the curved handle, albeit smaller.

We have the Same Elux Icon Designer Series Speed oven, alto it is not mounted above the regular oven but it matches the regular oven , very well.

All the sppliances have been trouble free, cept for a lose handle on the speed oven, and the ice maker gave out on the Jenn-air fridge, after a little more than 5 years, but new one (from Jenn-air) was about $150 and it was very easy to change---new one works like a champ!

We really like the smoooooth fully gliding out shelves (3 or them), the large window in the oven---these 2 things make the oven very handy, even though it is mounted below counter, the large display and controls (wavetouch), come in handy too for an under counter mount, such as ours.

As with many Elux Oven users, we are also very happy with the baking performance of the oven, It does exactly what we expect it to do, IE, follow a recipe as far as time and temp goes, and "Said Food from recipe" comes out perfect.

Our Grates have not discolored in the 5 years we've had it
and it has gone thru at least 5 turkeys, probably as many hams, etc etc.

We do not self clean it thou, I can't see giving the power company that much money, and alto failures in single ovens after self cleaning is "Fairly rare", We just don't see the need to heat things up that much.

I can post some pictures , if you like, but recall mine is over 5 years old, now>

Good luck on your pending decisions!


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I think the guts are similar/the same so go with what you like. I preferred the Pro style. We are paneling almost all of the appliances but we will have a wolf rangetop realitively close to the oven. I thought the pro style handles looked better with that, and liked the stainless over the black (higher end looking I thought and we have a white kitchen and I didn't want the extra black).

Will be installed in the next week or so. Can't wait!

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Thanks for the quick replies.
clarygrace - I am located in Boston MA and have called every dealer I could find from north of Boston to all the way into Rhode Island. Nobody stocks/displays the designer handle.

Gary - A pic (or two) would be great. I could show the wife a few more views of them as they go in the entire kitchen. I was a bit worried about the racks showing (wife made the comment how she didn't like them at the last house when I bought a new range before we sold.)

I'll try to attach the two pics of the pro and designer double wall ovens. As for the dishwasher and fridge, they are exactly the same, just the handles are different. BUT... the ovens have a complete different look. The designer has the black. I'm being told that it's a complete window from top to bottom with the bottom being black behind the window? (Am I right Gary?) and the Pro window doesn't go to the bottom, stopping where it meets the stainless. They say the designer's window is clear eventhough it appears darker than the one on the pro???


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My wife and I are also looking at these ovens, we are in the Chicago area (west burbs) and have not found the icon line yet. But we really like the pro line.

I love reading about real world use so I was happy to see the feedback/post by Dodge59.

Good luck in your continued search.

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I have the sales brochures for the Elux ovens, which show the both the "Pro" and "Designer" series.

If you like, I can mail them to you, it shows the Fridges, and DW's too. Also the wine fridge, which I have, and again trouble free, cept once a year or so I hafta clean the cat hairs out of the filter for it, but takes maybe a half hour.

My Email is:

glj1942@hotmail.com so if you email me your address I will send these brochures, keep as long as you want, but eventually send them back in case somebody else here would like to see them.

(Hopefully it's not against the rules to post email addy).
I'm just an old f*** and not a dealer, seller, etc etc).

Also I recalls Trevor, at Euro Stoves, In Mass, showed a picture of his place and in that picture was the Elux Icon Designer series Oven and Speed Oven, as I recall----so You may want to contact him first, to see if He still has those ovens, If He does, There is NO BETTER PLACE to buy them.

I have a Dental appointment now, (cleaning) yeah I still have my own teeth, how bout that??? AFter I get back I will post a picture or 2 from the oven, but I think the brochures will be more helpful.

Later, Cheers!


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Abt in Glennview sells the Icon line and the 'regular' Electrolux's as well. I think they have both Pro and Designer models on display (although as single ovens), you may want to give them a call.

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Thanks BLF, my DW and I have been to so many places over the last few weeks it is hard to remember what we have seen. We have been to ABT already so we might have seen it and just forgotten. Plus ABT is sooooo huge it is a little mind blowing to be honest.

Plus, when we were there we really had not settled on Electrolux yet so we were not specifically looking at them.

We are only about 20-30 min from there so I'm sure we will be back there again, maybe even to buy everything.

thanks for the feedback,

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Curved vs. straight handles:

- You can't hang a couple of towels on the curved ones

- The curved ones are harder to grab and pull, because the gap for your fingers is narrow at the sides

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Hmmmmmmm, we really have no problems opening either the regular oven, the speed oven, the wine fridge or the fridge, and all have the curved handles.

I only had one towel in this picture, but 2 will easily fit.


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For dodge59
Off the subject of ovens but trying to find an ultra quiet wine cooler because of its location in a small condo. Is your electrolux wine cooler quiet and also not vibrate too much?

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The Wine cooler does not vibrate, but if I listen for it, I can hear it running, and in fact, that is how I tell when it is time to clean the filter for it, I hear it running more often, it's not noisy and I do have to listen for it, but my Jenn-air Fridge with the variable speed compressor, I can never tell whether it is running or not, It uses the variable speed compressor, whereas the Elux Wine Fridge uses the old style on/off compressor.

If you must have a "Super Quiet Wine Fridge" then I would look at the Perlicks, but only the ones that have the VSP
(variable speed compressor).

I've no complaints with the Elux thou, had more than 5 years now, trouble free, reasonably quite, and we really like the wood shelves that pull out, and the lighting inside.


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I am feeling fairly confident about the Elux double ovens but, am still concerned about the slide-in range top. My local dealer says she has not heard good things (no real specifics here) about the cooktops.

She is recommending I go with GE Monogram throughout the kitchen but, I haven't heard anyone shout their praises except her.

Does any one have a recently purchased Elux slide-in gas range? What are your experiences?


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Can anyone say whether the Elux Icon single oven (E30EW75GPS) blows hot air from the bottom like so many of the convection ovens apparently do? We just had a KA oven delivered last night which I think I'm going to return due to a faulty fan that won't turn off (had to shut off the breaker to get the fan to stop) and the air that blows out of the bottom of the oven. And it's loud too. Looking for a quieter oven that doesn't heat up the whole kitchen. I know Elux is popular here but not so sure about this model. I am aware of the self cleaning issues but am interested in hearing how the oven functions other than that. TIA!

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