Silver flatware has terrible odor

janritaAugust 20, 2007

I have an old set of sterling silver flatware. It was in the box for a very long time. The silver (and the box) has a terrible odor. I have washed it, polished it and soaked it in water and baking soda. I have soaked it in clorox and repolshed it when it tarnished. NOTHING WORKS!

Can anyone help? Has anyone else ever even heard of

this issue????

Thank you.

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Polish it with silver polish....NOT baking soda or clorox or anyother soaking/dipping thing...polish it with Wrights Silver Polish, ot International silver polish or Twinkle Silver polish....then wash it with a dish detergent like Dawn or Palmolive, Ivory etc.
The smell you detect is from the baking soda and whatever else you have soaked it in....sort of a sulfur smell?
And put it into a new plastic tray and cover it with a piece of Pacific Cloth.
And....are you sure it's sterling and not silver plate?

Linda C

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Sigh. Thank you for your note. Actually I have already done all of the above. The efforts noted in my posting were to get rid of an existing odor. So, thank you anyway...

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Don't you think that the smell/odor is coming from that old musty silverware box? You should chunk it and buy a new box...surely the silver won't stink after it's been polished.

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Does the silver smell if you leave it out on the table all night? Suppose you wrap it in a clean dish towel and leave it out of the box for 5 or 6 days....then does it stink?
If it does, it's the silver itself and either base metal, as I said are you sure it's sterling? If the smell goes away when you do thsoe things it's the box that smells.
You ask has anyone ever heard of this problem...
Yes, but never with sterling. Plated ware can smell when it begins to get worn to base metal in some spots.
Linda C

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Have you tried warm water with mild phosphate free detergents. It might help (^_^)

Here is a link that might be useful: sterling silver flatware

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