Need help with my new Bissell steam mop

sblakeAugust 31, 2008


I bought a Bissell steam mop yesterday from Kohl's. I tried it out today and though, it seemed to start out great, by the time I got halfway through my kitchen floor, it was leaving streaks and the water was all dirty on the floor! It was just pushing dirty water around!

I was pretty much pushing the steam button continuously.

Am I doing something wrong? Help me out please!

I'm wondering if I should return it for the Shark?

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I have the shark, and I find that changing the pads when the floor starts to streak is a big help. I just throw the dirty pad in the wash, by the time I have the 2nd pad ready to replace, the first one is clean and ready to go.

I have lots of tile to clean, so it takes me a while.

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If you have puddles of water, something is wrong. You shouldn't have any water on the floor from a steam cleaner. The steam vapor should either be in the mop pad or dry quickly in the air.

It sounds like either you are pressing the button too often or the water isn't being heated sufficiently or the mop pad needs to be changed out.

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This shouldn't happen. I agree you are pushing the button too much, or the mop is defective. I use steam while going forward and pick up the moisture coming back.

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