anyone have low-flow handshowers?

michoumonsterApril 29, 2013

Hi all,
I have to purchase a hand-held shower that will be considered low-flow (2.0gpm or less).
we are doing a hand-shower only set up in most of our baths. I have been looking at the Hansgrohe Green line.

The same handshower design is sold as 2.0 gpm handshower or a 1.75gpm version. Both are considered water-saving, so would qualify for inspection.

If i want to be more green, i know i should pick the 1.75gpm showerhead. but am wondering, if the spray will feel like annoying trickling, etc.? would even the 2.0gpm be too weak to rinse out your hair?

I never used a low-flow handshower before. so not sure which to pick. I would love to hear of your experiences with these new low-flow showerheads!

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We have one, though it's 5 years old so may not be comparable to current models. I'd need to look it up to find the exact model and flow, but we've been happy with it. I mainly notice the difference when I visit hotels or other places with very heavy flow shower heads, but at home I'm used to it, so I don't really think about it. Definely fine for washing hair! I was a little reluctant to go the handheld only route (husband chose this and felt strongly about it) but that has actually worked out really well. We use the handheld feature all the time with dogs and kids and it works quite nicely as a main shower.

If you're worried about the flow, though, maybe get the 2.0? Both are much more water efficient than older shower heads and at least on ours, we have some settings that use less water and some that use more, even within the lower flow. HTH!

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I only own them long enough to find and remove the flow restrictors.

Their spray force is too feeble to rinse shampoo from my hair quickly - and I don't think 5 minutes at 2gpm as I rinse strand after strand saves any water compared to 15-30 seconds at 10gpm blasting my entire head.

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Lazygardens, how do you get 10gpm out of your shower? Do you run two at a time?

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artemis, please do let me know which hand shower you got. the fact that is has lasted 5 years is great! it is difficult to find a good handshower. everything on the market now seems plasticky and likely to break after a few months...

lazygardens, do you really get 10gpm if you remove the flow restrictor? does it feel strong like a bath tub faucet then?

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michoumonster, my wife's Hansgrohe handshowers are fine after 10+ years, despite being plastic (except for the chrome and gold plating).

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>everything on the market now seems plasticky

This is done, at least partly, to avoid the problems of it getting too hot to hold and also causing damage if you drop it.

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attofarad, thanks for the feedback. i guess i will stick with the hansgrohe then.
writersblock, that makes sense. i guess having plastic is not always bad.

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