Small mosaic tiles in shower -- is all that grout a pain?

kaysdApril 10, 2012

Our new walk-in shower is going into an existing niche that currently holds a tub/shower combo. The niche is about 59" wide and 41-42" deep. (The rest of the bathroom is 6' wide.) It will be a steam shower, so glass wall and door will go all the way up and the ceiling will be tiled.

I am going for a modern look. I originally wanted to use large format porcelain or glass tiles, both for the look, and to minimize grout that needs to be cleaned. However, the 41-42" side walls make the use of large format tiles difficult (I have yet to find 21" tiles) because of the cut edges. The other look I really like is small random brick or "stick" mosaics. (i.e., 1"x3", 2"x6" or similar size.) The smaller tiles would be easier to fit nicely on the small walls, but I worry it will be a nightmare to keep all those grout lines clean.

If anyone has used small tiles on your shower walls, I would love to hear about your experiences with maintenance.

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I told my tile guy I wanted to be able to use chemicals in the shower so I used ceramic tile (instead of natural stone) and he used epoxy grout. It's been a dream to keep clean so far. I get that pinkish mold...spray it with some clorox and water, let it sit for a couple minutes and rinse..good as new.

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Thanks, Olychick. We definitely won't use natural stone because we don't want porous material in a steam shower. We will use either glass or through-body porcelain. I wonder if we can use epoxy grout and bleach on glass tile.

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Why do you need 21" tile? You can just have the 24" tile cut down to the proper size. And, they will probably end up being cut smaller than 21" because you have to account for the thinset, overlap, wavy walls, etc.

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