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cookie8August 15, 2012

So, my sister uses a soap called Dr. Bronners Magic soap, she used the peppermint version. I found it to be pretty strong but she raved about it. I found an almond version and I love it! I just washed all my floors and cupboards with it and you can use it to wash fruit/veggies (diluted, of course) and as a body wash. I have dermititis and used it last night on my face and yay, no reaction. I usually react to everything. Just spreading the word for anyone looking for a solid organic cleanser.

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I've heard good things about Dr. Bonner's. It's castille soap, recommended by The Tightwad Gazette as a shampoo. I'll look for it. I've tried Method products and like them also. Then there's Good Old Distilled (clear) Vinegar.

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I have used Castile soap for a couple of years now. I first started using the Trader Joe's brand, then the Dr. Bronner's. The soap can be found under multiple brand and store names. Castile soap has many uses.

I make a homemade all purpose spray cleaner using castile soap, borax, washing soda and water. I have found this is the best at not leaving any film. My stove top shines, after using my cleaner, as well as other surfaces.

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Does anyone know if this also works well with chrome? I have a few chrome handles and knobs that always get messed up from other cleaners and I'd like to take a more organic route now.

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Castile soaps (Dr. Bronner, Kirks, Dr. Woods, etc.) are all great multi-purpose cleaners - make sure you dilute them in water for household cleaning.

You may need to wipe the chrome with a soft dry cloth if it streaks after washing it.

I'd hesitate using any kind of "soap" on finished wood surfaces (like cabinets). It's generally not recommended these days (hubby is V.P. of a cabinet manufacturing company with 37-years with the same company) because soap residue can actually break down the finish over time and you'll find it getting tacky if used frequently enough.

Boy Scouts carry a 2-oz. bottle of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap on camp-outs and use it for literally EVERYTHING. Body and hair wash, brushing teeth, laundry, dishes.... The lather can also be used for shaving. I worked in a health food store years ago, and a customer was a traveling salesman and he said he always carried a small bottle of Dr. Bronner's in his bag and used it for everything, including shaving. He learned it's usefulness from his Boy Scout days.

If you have dry hair it may be a little too drying for everyday or regular use.

Personally, I've gotten away from cleaners and use a steamer these days - safe and effective. In the bathroom I mix water and rubbing alcohol 50/50 in a spritz bottle for daily clean-up and sanitizing, and steam clean once a week.

In the kitchen I use 1-qt. water and Grape Fruit Extract for sanitizing the flat surfaces, especially after working with meat, or wiping down the handles on the refrigerator, etc.

I recently read where vodka is a good non-toxic disinfectant. WHO KNEW? Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) evidently leaves behind a residue that is not safe for little children if you happen to sanitize something they might put in their mouth with rubbing alcohol. Vodka is ethyl alcohol and safe for consumption. In the article I read, "At our home, we use vodka to clean counter tops and faucets since it makes them shine brilliantly. We also use it to wipe down the toilets and clean windows and mirrors. Vodka is a wonderful sanitizer as well as deodorizer, so spraying some on furniture after someone has been sick will get the furniture clean. Because it evaporates so quickly, and there is no smell of alcohol after it dries, it won't damage fabric on furniture. I also use it to clean the kids' bath toys periodically."

Vinegar is another great natural cleaner and disinfectant, but the "experts" don't seem to agree about it's ability to kill germs, especially when diluted with water. But it's great at cutting grease or dissolving mineral build-up.

Good thing there are so many choices....


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A "natural" cleaner I've used with success is Charlies Soap. You can buy it online, it's pretty expensive but overall very good. You use only one level tablespoon for a whole load of laundry. It can be used for other cleaning-directions are on the bag. It smells wonderful-like coconuts.

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I just finished washing my walls with it too and love it even more! It took off the dirt but not the paint. My kids are younger so they have their hands all over the walls and usually the cleansers I have used in the past also took off the paint. I have a steam cleaner too which I use and like a lot. Unfortunately the brand I have is junk! I am waiting for it to die to replace it. I just made a vodka/thyme tincture to help with my face but it was so strong it made it worse. I will use it for cleaning now! BTW, my dermititis is almost clear completely since using Dr. Bronner's (in an amazing five days). I did try it on my hair but it was too much so I'm back to my organic shampoo. I normally hate cleaning but when I see such good results I am certainly more motivated.

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