My first microfiber issue, actually someone elses

toileAugust 15, 2008

I wanted to be fair in my posts about microfiber.

I'm still VERY happy but I have had someone else have an issue with them.

I'm the gal that is not a cleaner but tried it once.... pay was way low, word got out, and now customers pursue me.

So one of the sweet ladies I clean for, has lots and lots of glass and black appliances.

She let me know that the cloths left smears all over her entire house and appliances.

I did not hear that from the customer that has white appliances and mainly wood.

I just wanted to warn those of you considering them if you have glass and black appliances, they could be an issue?

I have found less smearing with the cloths myself?

Anyone have any idea what I could have done wrong?

I followed over my cleaning with dry ones, I did not just use them damp.

In fact mirrors were squeeged then wiped only wet drops here and there with the suede glass/mirrored ones?

Are glass and black appliances just harder to keep sparkling?

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One thing I've tried (and I'm amazed it works) on black appliances is Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner (I accidently sprayed it on the stove and wiped it with a dry microfiber cloth. Now I use it all the time. It not only cleans the black but leaves the glass oven door shining, no smears. Had to pass it on....

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Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner is the only product that will clean my KitchenAid fridge without streaking. However, it does not do well on my KitchenAid stainless oven doors or my KitchenAid stainless stove top. Go figure!


I was all set to order from Hagco until I saw this post. The main reason I wanted the cloths was to clean glass table tops without streaks. I sure hope you get some good responses to this issue.

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Pauline, you could always order just one for under 2 bucks and try it but you would have to ask them to mail it cheap as possible LOL.

I'm working with a professional cleaner next week who uses these.
I can't wait to see how this is supposed to be done LOL.

I have no streaking at home and still feel confused about this LOL....
If you want I can share what I learn :D

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I clean my mirrors and stainless with a mixture of 50% rubbing alcohol, 50% water and a drop of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle and a microfibre cloth. Because the alcohol evaporates so fast there is no streaking.

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I have all black in my kitchen.
I clean with microfiber and plain water. The only time I ever had streaking was when my microfiber cloth "snuck" into the wash and got fabric softener on it.

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I was just having this conversation with a couple of neighbors. I had streaking.

One neighbor insisted that NO cleaning products be used with microfiber on shiny surfaces - just water. She went on to demonstrate with one of my cloths, on my other neighbor's dirty glass top patio table. It just sparkled.

I used just plain water the last time I cleaned tile and mirrors and was very happy with the results. I did not think it would work but it did. She touted it as a "natural" way to clean.

I also learned that you do not need to use very much cleaning product at all for other cleaning, like getting grease off of plastic window sills in the kitchen. Now I just spray the cloth lightly and do all the vinyl window frames in the kitchen rather than spraying all over and then wiping.

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What did you learn about the streaking when you worked with the professional cleaner? I never did hear. I've picked up the phone several times to order from Hagco and always decide to wait until I hear how things have worked out for you. Do you still love the cloths? Which ones do you prefer?

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Try to Norwex Microfiber cloth. They work better than any other microfiber cloth. They are also, antibactierial since they are imbedded with silver.

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I was given a Norwex microfiber cloth by a friend. I didn't see any difference from any other microfiber cloth, except that it didn't hold up very long. The ones I got in a bag of 50 from Costco have been great.

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Perhaps the microfiber cloths that the OP mentioned had been laundered with other clothing. They need to be laundered only with other microfiber cloths and no fabric softener. I strongly suspect that they were incorrectly laundered.

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Good point! I wash my micorfiber cloths separate from my other laundry to prevent lint gathering on them.

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I have been wondering how to wash them. Since the fibers seem to stick to everything, I could see them absorbing dirt from the laundry and it not rinsing out. I don't use fabric softener. Mine have become very stained, mostly from scrubbing the stove, and the stains really do not wash out.

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