Pipe diameter for gas range

TakkoneApril 26, 2012

I ordered a Capital Culinarian range 36" wide four burners plus griddle. Had a plumber come out and look at the existing natural gas line and hookup for my old range, typical 30" consumer range. Current line running to range is 40' of 1/2" pipe then a short flexline. Plumber suggested replacing the 40' run with 1" pipe. Called Capital and spoke to an engineer who said they have no volume requirement for the range, only a pressure requirement of 6" water column. He thought 1/2" pipe would be fine but he was not given any info about the length of pipe.

Called my utility company. They said the house is supplied with 7" water column pressure at the meter. They said thatbequates to about 250,000 BTU capacity. They said just add up the total BTU requirements (clothes dryer, furnace, hot water heater, and range) and if i am around 250-275k BTU I should be fine. Although they also said the plumber could be right about the 1" pipe but that its not on their side of the meter.

Anyone know who to beleive and what to decide? Replacing 40' of pipe ain't cheap.

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From a VERY brief online search, a 1/2" pipe 40 feet long can pass about 81kBTU/hr worth of gas with a 1/2" water column pressure drop. You might be able to allow more drop, and get more flow, but twice the flow will result in more like 4 times the pressure drop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of gas sizing calculations

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Here is a past GW thread on gas pipe size which might help. It also mentions the calculations attofarad generously posted.

I need to understand this topic too, so will follow along.

You might consider a cross post (XP) on the plumbing forum. I understand it's best to mention it as a XP.

Here is a link that might be useful: Past GW Thread: Gas Pipe Size - NXR or other Pro-Style Range

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I will have to go back and check old posts, but it seems to me that the Blue Star required a 3/4 inch connection, so one would suspect the same for the CC.

If I can find those posts, I will put the links here, but perhaps somebody else recalls, and most likely Trevor knows?


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The size of the gas line up to the range is generally recommended to be 1/4" larger than the NPT fitting. If the range has a 1/2" fitting then supply it with a 3/4" line. There's not much point buying a high output range just to starve it.

For what it's worth CSST gas line (the flexible corrugated stuff) is pretty cheap and much easier to install. Of course, it depends on how open your walls/floors are and the labor rate.


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Thanks everyone. The plumber def knew what he was talking about. We're going to stick to his original plan.

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1" is overkill but will work so you might as well. 3/4 is a safe bet. Usually it is a question of trying to fit the larger pipe and shutoff valve in a limited space. As an example of sizing, my boiler has a 1.5" line going to it where it then reduces to 1/2 where it enters the boiler. The boiler is 175k btus.

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Cost of doing 1" vs. 3/4" while you are replacing it anyway will not be much higher.

I have 1.25" for the main line coming from the meter, then down to 3/4" partway through the crawlspace and running to all of the destinations. The actual connection to my 120k BTU furnace is 1/2", as are the ones to my (old fashioned tank )water heaters. While the walls were out, I stubbed out gas to the range location, even though I'm installing induction. Cost little, and I like to keep options open.

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