Help me design my great room and kitchen!

PechanMarch 2, 2011

Hey Folks!

I am having trouble designing my great room I would like to see some ideas. The great room must include Living area Dining area and kitchen and also a free standing wood stove.

Thanks for your ideas!

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Here is the image posted bigger so people can see it. Just off the top of my head, it seems that the transitional space between the garage and great room should be a mudroom area, possibly with room for pantry items (but if you have kids you will probably want all that space for a mudroom.) Then the lower right of the GR space would be the kitchen -- so you can carry groceries from the car right into the kitchen. That would put the dining area in the upper right corner and the living space along the left side of the space. It would probably help to reorient the door from transitional space into GR to swing the other way (into the transitional space) and move it as far to the left as you can so you have more wall space in the lower right corner of the GR.

To help people help you, please post all measurements (window and door sizes; distance corner to window; distance b/w windows, etc.) Also please post more about you and how you want to use your space: Kids? How many? How many cooks? Do you like to entertain? How much do you cook? How big is your table? Any other priorities, e.g. taking advantage of a view; building considerations for elderly or less abled folks; cooking for large groups; etc.

Once you can post an image with detailed measurements and your list of priorities / info, I'd also recommend the kitchens forum for really good layout help.

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Thanks for resizing the image Chicagoans.

We have 3 kiddos ages 1, 2, and 4. Yes I was planning the area between the GR and the Garage to be a mud room. I will move the door from Mudroom to GR all the way to the left and change the hinge side.

We do like to entertain from time to time, not large crowds but 4-6 people at a time. The windows and doors in the great room can easily be changed re-sized etc.

I would like a Breakfast bar/island between the kitchen and living area.

Will post a link in kitchen forums, Thanks!

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Hi, I've posted a couple of messages in the kitchen forum and this is a copy of one of them -

I'm just wondering after looking at the house plans about the split in square footage between the master suite, office and the general living area. I realize that a master suite with 3 young kids is great but between the bedroom, ensuite, and closet there is 362 sq.ft and the office is another 123 sq.ft (Is that maybe a working office or will it do double duty for storage of kids arts and crafts stuff) for a total of 485 sq. ft but you have only allocated 550 sq.ft for all the family living space. As buehl mentioned you want to fit alot of stuff into the square footage.

Can the wall between the office and master bedroom be moved over (to the left) and then the office wall moved over (even 2') because then, from the kitchen side, that wall can be used as cabinet built-ins (pantry) for either the kitchen or a media/storage built-in area for the family room. It will help to have that extra space in the planning of your family living area.

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I just wanted to comment on how unique your floor plan is. Are you building out on property or in a suburban area? What will be in the area between the garage and bedrooms? Pretty cool.

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pechan ...

if you would post a dimensioned copy of your plan , i will be happy to help you :-)

your plan is very creative and unique , but i see a few problem areas that i may be able to work ot a solution for ...

let me know ...

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