CR: Wolf Ovens rated 17 of 21 tested.

deeageauxApril 18, 2012

Ran into the new CR Kitchens Guide at the newsstand.

Kenmore Elite wall oven was rated #1. Under Wolf they listed E-series as well as L-series model numbers.They did not rate the Gaggenau oven but if they did it would probably rank dead last becuase the cognitively challenged testers at CR would find it too difficult to use:)

In other interesting news, the Miele Futura Dimension was rated 3rd overall. It was noisy relative to a Bosch with MSRP of $1550 and hard to use relative to the LG Steam Dishwasher. For those that don't remember Miele Optima dishwasher was rated dead last a few years ago. I think the critiques on the Dimension are fair. But I also think they did not explore the limits of the Dimensions cleaning abilty,specifically its effectiveness in hard water conditions.

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Dead on

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Funny. I don't think they ever test on things that matter to me, or cook the way I do, and no real time spent? At least they're finally testing different brands, but they made a big statement years ago about the higher end ovens not being worth the cost, so maybe they're still trying to prove it.

I have one thing to thank CR for... I bought an online membership only to find out they had NO information that helped me. So that sent me to a yahoo search and I ended up here. So they were at least part of the path.

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I rarely agree with them and thought the dw rating was ridiculous. But DD bought Kenmore ovens when she replaced the 60s ovens in their weekend place. They didn't want "fancy appliances" and repairs. I made pizza and a pie in that oven and have to say I thought it was terrific. Heated evenly and I loved using it. I can't compare it to a Wolf wall oven as I've only used the ones in the dual fuel stove.

OTOH, Kenmore always seems to be CR's #1 choice. If Sears goes under they'll probably have a meltdown over there.

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LOL roc!!!

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Isn't Kenmore's oven made by Electrolux? I can understand it being a good one, but they do lean heavily in that direction and have for so many years.

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At least until very recently the Kenmore Elite and Pro were made by Electrolux in Canada. Really good ovens just not in the Wolf class.

BTW There was no sardonic subtext to my mention of the Kenmore Elite wall oven atop the CR rankings.Sometimes people read that in my post even when I had no intention of implying it:) Whenever I mention CR rankings I always point out what is #1 as a reference point.

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