Two Miele issues (rack rust, and unit running long)

fauguyApril 1, 2013

So as most of the regulars know, I've been using a Miele Diamante Plus G2143SC for 3 years now (and purchased the $250 Miele 5 year warranty). Last week I went up to my local Miele showroom in FL and purchased the Salt and Rinse Aid, since I was out, and the refill LEDs were on.

I removed the bottom rack as normal to get to the water softener container. After I filled it with the salt, I went to place the bottom rack back, but as I had in on the floor, I noticed a few orange rust spots on the very bottom on the rack. I looked at it closely, and there were a few on the rack, and a couple on the removable inserts. I then looked at the center rack (where the glasses go) and noticed a few rust spots under it next to where the spray arm is. What's interesting is none of these rust spots could be cause by something scraping on it, as nothing touches in those areas. It looks like the gray coating that covers the metal racks started to ware-off and so it rusted the metal.

I called Miele last week, and they set it up to have a service tech come out this week to install new racks and check out the unit.

Then on Friday night, I ran the unit (as usual at night), but the next morning it was still running and was full with water. I had to press the start/stop button on the front for it to drain. Since the load was clean, I just rinses everything in the sink and dried it by hand. I ran a Express Wash, and that ran just fine. Saturday night I did a regular normal wash, but again on Sunday morning it was still running, so had to manually press the button for it to drain. After that, I turned off the electrical breaker, since I thought maybe that could reset the unit. Then did another normal wash, and it was OK. I called Miele about this today, and we put the unit in the service menu, which the Rinse light flashed 7 times, meaning overflow protection. So they added this to the service call for when the tech comes out on Friday.

So it's weird that with the unit only 3 years old, that the bottom and center racks have rest on their underside, and now two washes lasted for 6 hours all night. Though I did another wash cycle today, and it was OK.

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Hm, if the unit goes into overflow protection, it should shut the water valve and keep draining. It certainly shouldn't be washing with a potential leak. Hm...

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Yeah, that's what I said, and the lady on the phone from Miele agreed with it. A few years ago, there was too much suds from a (redesigned) Miele tab, and it went into overflow protection and drained the unit. That was the only time I've seen it happen.

Why on Fri/Sat night it ran all night 11pm-7am, I'm not sure. But since then I've run it three times testing it, and it's been OK. I think maybe because I turned off the circuit breaker for 5 minutes, so it reset the electronics?

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Here are a few images that I took today. As I mentioned, these rust spots aren't in places where pots/pans/etc would scrape. They are all on the on the under-side of the racks.







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A few days ago the tech came out an installed the new lower basket (6024110), insert (7149700), and middle basket (6218882).

He said that it was possible the coating on the baskets might not have been done right, and that is why they started to ware off in a few spots, thus exposing the metal and began to rust.

The newer right insert (7149700) for the bottom rack is different than the original right insert (6024130), as the newer version comes up higher on the side and has a small cup rack at the top, similar to the one on the left side where the dishes go. Also, the middle rack (6218882) where the glasses go is a bit different, with more fold-down pieces on the sides and a removable insert (I believe this is the one that came with the Optima or Excella).

I also explained to him how last weekend the unit ran all night without shutting off on Fri & Sat. But after that, I turned off the electrical breaker for a few minutes, which seemed to reset the unit, and this past week it ran fine. He said that since all these units run a software program, that it may have had a glitch, that cutting the power reset.

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Hopefully it was just a software reset issue b/c you turned off the circuit breaker.

FWIW, I had an on-and-off problem with my Miele Diamond, where it would stop in the middle of the cycle, but only every 5 or 6 times I ran it.

Turned out to be a bent prong on an electrical component, so the connection was faulty.

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