Rolling Outdoor Dish Storage and Buffet

oldalgebraJune 25, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting or commenting for a long time, but I have been checking in from time to time.

Saw Luvs last week. We went to a craft fair and then had lunch. It was good to connect again.

I thought I'd share my latest summer project. I saw this done on a blog called Organizing Made Fun.

I have always wanted a decent place to set out food for an outside meal, but never found one that I

thought was big enough (no dinky carts for me) and was also in my price range.

Here is my "new" outdoor, rolling buffet table. It holds most of my outdoor picnic/barbecue dishes AND

is a nice size to put out all the food for people to serve themselves.

Here's how it developed:

I spotted just the right size bedroom dresser at my local Goodwill. It was $117 for the dresser and two nightstands.

Trouble is I didn't want or need the nightstands, so I asked if they'd sell just the dresser.

Nope! In fact, the woman at the Goodwill said it came as a set - dresser, two nightstands, mirror and headboard.

I begged. I pleaded. No use. I had to take the whole thing. It was all or nothing.

So this is what I did. I put extra large revolving wheels on the bottom of the dresser, sanded and painted it and put drawer pulls on either side.

Then I popped the mirror off it's frame,

painted the frame and sprayed chalkboard paint

on the center for a menu board.

Finally, I removed the drawers from one of the nightstands and cut a "slice" off to make it narrower.

The whole nightstand and the altered nightstand were screwed together and a common bottom was added for stability, It also got wheels, and was sanded and painted to match the buffet. I'm going to use it to set up the beverages.

I figure the whole thing cost about $225 (wheels were a big expense). Not bad for storage, portability, and serving.

Now, what can I make with the headboard?

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Hi OA...good to see you back've been missed -
AND, especially your clever ideas!
Who whould have put together such a handy/dandy outdoor Rolling Buffet/Dish Storage - from a Bedroom dresser - and then use the end tables to create a beverage center - WOW !! Love the whole concept and that you put them on wheels. Super idea! Let me ask thou - will they be protected from the outdoor elements - such as rain/rain/rain ? I know wood grain opens up from moisture and also warps. So I was just wondering if they'll be protected.
As far as what to do with the Headboard - I've seen clever benches made using them. I've been looking for the right one myself, for my front porch. If you have the Headboard, that becomes the back of the bench and the Footboard, is sawed in half and attached on each side and creates a nice bench..They look pretty nice too.
Well anyway - it's good to see you here again..and I always love your fun and creative ideas.
Hope we get to see more of you.


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The question about the elements is a good one. I'm not sure how long they'll last. They do sit under our patio overhang. (You can see just a bit of it in the fourth picture.) They aren't close to sprinklers, so that shouldn't be a problem, although the smaller beverage center could get splashed on by ricocheting raindrops, so it would need to be pulled deeper into the covered area when the rains start up again. We have a pretty long dry season here in Southern California.
We'll just have to see how long they last. I'm thinking they'll have to last about four seasons to justify the money! Although I'm not so sure about that. I may have already gotten my money's worth. The real fun is in the making - perhaps even more than in the using!

I wish I could take credit for the original idea, but as I mentioned in the beginning, someone named Becky at Organization Made Fun posted the idea on her blog. She made a buffet from her son's old dresser and painted a very nice looking monogram on the top.

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OA, I'm thrilled to see that you are back posting again!!!
You HAVE been missed.
Wonderful job converting the dresser and night stand to outdoor storage and buffet. I'm sure you will get at least 4 seasons out of them.
I'm looking forward to seeing your next project and tablescape.

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Even though you got the idea from a blog, you did a wonderful job in carrying it out. Looks marvelous and so useful, too. Thank you for sharing

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Great idea and so wonderful to have extra serving and storage space as well. If you used a primer and exterior paint, they should hold up for several years. And since they are on casters, no problem with the legs absorbing moisture. (Old office chairs are a great source of casters--just in case you ever need more.)

You are so creative, I'm going to have to have you come over and spruce up my place too! ;o)

Do you have those bar b que bibs all sewn up yet? Joanne's has a 50 percent off fabric coupon if you need one.


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Marylee and Nana, thanks for the kind words. I did have fun trying to figure out ways to use the pieces I didn't want to begin with.

Luvs, I bought the material after you told me about the 50% off. But I have to admit, I already know I just don't have the energy to get going on them. They'll have to wait until next year.

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Your old 'new' rolling buffet is quite AWESOME, OA! It looks perfect out in your CA outdoors!!! Yes, I can see that you did alot of thinking & hard work on this project & happy that you shared it here!

Love the menu chalkboard & the mini-buffet for drinks...way to recycle the other pcs you didn't really want. As for the headboard, like jane said above, I've seen some really neat 'benches' I've attached the Garden Junk link of Purplemoon's Inspiration Album which she keeps up for the forum ...showing some ideas...maybe something will spark!

I am glad you & luvs can get tog sometimes...what fun! Good to hear from you & TFS your project! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Creations in Garden Junk Inspiration Album

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OMGosh, you are living up to your Miss O-so-Amazing nickname once again! WOW. You did a fantastic job of repurposing that bedroom set. Not only did it turn out beautiful, and useful, it looks "pricey". I'm sure glad you got forced into buying the whole thing. LOL.
You could use marine varnish if you are worried about water damage. Tho other poly might also be water-proof.

Yep, soon as you mentioned headboard, I was thinking about those wonderful bed benches folks make on GJ. I've saved quite a few photos of them and love them. But nothing ever in my GW to use, and the price in the antique mall is waaaay beyond me. I need to live in places where folks throw them out for junk. LOL.
Here's two of my favorites, tho was hard to narrow it down to just two. I'm glad Jeanne posted the inspiration album.
A little corner one inside a house

Its so GREAT to have you posting, creating, and sharing with us.
hugs, Karen

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OA, so happpy to have you back posting again. You've been away waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.

Your new outdoor, rolling buffet table, mirror frame Menu and beverage cart are all wonderful additions for your patio. I've missed seeing all your creations. You are so talented and even tho you got the idea on a blog, it takes alot to follow through with a project like this. You Rock!!!

I can hardly wait to see what you create with the headboard. Love the corner bench Karen posted. As Jeanne said " I can see that you did alot of thinking & hard work on this project & happy that you shared it here"!

Have you been posting on your blog lately? I'll have to try to check it out one of these days! Great to hear that you and Luvs had another fun day together.


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OA, I really like what you have done, and if I had a patio or even a decent sized back poarch, I would be tempted to steal or borrow your idea. I keep dreaming of a patio or a large enough gazebo for cooking in, but since DH's diagnosis, I guess it will stay just a dream. I have really missed your posting, I am so glad you are back. Don't take such a long leave of absence again, OK? TFS Janet

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I've been missing in action too, so I'm just seeing your post here. All I can say is AWESOME!! VERY creative and the results are just gorgeous....and so much storage space!

I was thinking a bench too when you asked about what to do with the headboard....or even a swing!

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