A new table and a new 'scape to go with it

milosmom_gwJune 10, 2012

For sooo long, I've wished for a bearclaw foot pedestal table with the leaf. If one waits long enough, good things do happen.

I was browsing CList the other night and found this ...

I just "knew" that it was the one I'd been looking for and a good price to boot. The seat colors were a no go for me but some material and a staple gun would quickly remedy that. Yesterday, I loaded up and drove almost 5 hours round trip to get it but it's miiiine. *yippee*

New table =s new setting.

I put the leaf in which means the tcloth doesn't fit exactly right but it'll do until I can collect a few oblong ones (that shouldn't take long...lol).

This is what I came up with for the first setting on the new piece...

the China cab to go with..

and the sidecab to , which ofton gets neglected now that I have the cc to play with...

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A beauty, MM! Wow ...your perserverance did pay off! & worth the 5 hr round trip! & then you t'scaped it already! WOW! Lovely, lovely!

The t'cloth repetition w/your drapes & chair fabric is perfect! Love the richness of this w/black & gold!! And your china cabinet w/all the clear glass compliments your t'scape so well! Your side table...pretty, as always ...but now you need not do that one so often ...cause the other 2 take such presence! TFS, MM! Love it! Jeanne S.

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MM, how wonderful you found this table you've been wanting! Looks beautiful all set. This is such an elegant setting with the black, gold and clear dishes on the white tc. China cabinet looks great too. I enjoy seeing it lit up and decorated. I moved my Memorial decor to one of mine for now.

I've been wondering about your side cabinet and so happy to see it all decorated. Love all the stones you've used. Makes the vases look like they are crackled. It's so fun to come here and see another setting.

I started decorating for DGD BDay party this coming Sat. She wants me to use her ice cream dishes again. I'm sure she'll grow out of these some year.LOL We tried to talk her into a pool party but she didn't go for that.

We are going to let the girls decorate cupcakes, cookies that look like flip flops and rice krispie treats that look like ice cream bars for the party. We bought all of them flip flops to add to their goodie bags so that's what started this.


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Congratulations on your new acquisition!
Good things do come to those who wait.
Isn't it exciting to find something you have been desiring and for a good price too!
Your new scape is beautiful and quite elegant as is your china cabinet.
Needing oblong tablecloths is a good excuse to go thrifting, LOL!

So glad you found what you wanted and shared it with us.


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MM, I'm so glad you were able to find your table!
It so elegant, the black and gold highlights the clear
pieces beautifully.
Your china cabinet and side table looks so pretty you chose the perfect pieces for them.
It is so good to have you back!!

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Marlene Kindred

Very elegant looking table! So happy for you that you found one just like you wanted too!

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Great Table & Chairs and in such good shape too.
I'm so happy you found what you were looking for.
I used to have a set like that
and still have regrets that I sold it.
Your table setting is very elegant. The white damask
table cloth sets off the black and gold and crystal
beautifully. Also you did such a lovely job on your
sideboard and your China Cabinet as always, looks so
I can see you're having waaaay too much fun playing...and I think it's great...lol

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What a 'handsome' tablesetting! (beautiful too of course).
How neat you found the table you wanted, even if it was a LONG ride to get it. I love round tables rather than square ones, always have.

Your china cabinet decor, as usual, is lovely! BTW, I was trying to find the before and after pix of it I know you must have posted in the past, to show my BFF. But I couldn't locate the post, even using the search box. Help!

hugs, Karen

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thank you :).
I found the before and after thread for you of the china cabinet. I posted on it so hopefully it'll bump back up.
If not , search for "chicken coop" in the search bar and look for the thread titled "My latest project".

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