Excellent Results Cleaning Burner Liners! (:

athomesewingAugust 15, 2009

Awhile back, a couple people posted about soaking oven racks in ammonia overnight to eliminate all the hard work that goes into cleaning them. Well, I tried the same method to clean stainless burner liners yesterday with EXCELLENT results.

What I did, since ammonia fumes are so strong, is to place the burner liners in a glass mixing bowl, poured in enough ammonia to cover them, then covered the mixing bowl with a piece of plastic cling wrap. Left for about 24 hours, took them out, ran water over them and lightly swiped them off with a plastic-bristle brush and they look like brand new!

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athomesewing, how timely your post is. Today I began to clean my stove and the burner liners were really bad. I actually bought two new ones, but the other two are soaking now. Tomorrow I will buy the ammonia and try it. Thanks

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Please let us know if it worked for you too. I'm hoping that it wasn't a fluke.

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It's not a fluke. I buy cheap store brand sudsy ammonia and use it for any greasy dirty job, like soaking burnt pots.

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If you want to do oven racks or BBQ grills, put them inside a plastic trash bag, dump in a cup or two of household ammonia, and seal the bag.

I leave mine in the sun on the patio for a couple of days, and then it's an easy brush job to lean the grills.

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