winesnobApril 1, 2012

I was going to post some pictures of my remodel, so I set up a photobucket account, but when I went on the long ramblings about what they can do with your information makes me wonder, do you have an view on this and did it cause you phishing scams.

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I have been using photobucket for about 4 or 5 yrs and I litterally have hundreds of photos there, but I have never seen any phishing, spaming or other problems from it.

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No worries here either. Thousands of photos over the past...9...maybe 10 years.

Never anything phishy.

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No problems here :-)

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great thanks. Now to figure it all out.

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oh my gosh - please tell me if when you copy and paste the link in your message, is there about five lines, including the name of your album, which is your photobucket log in. Do you ever worry about posting some link and what - like being your morning hair do showing up for all the world to see.

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No. Within that whole big string of letters, numbers and symbols is the name you have given the photo and that's what links it to that particular photo in your album. Do keep in mind that if you do not mark your album private, then anyone can click on your photo posted on GW and access your entire album--then they might see that pic your spouse & kids blackmail you with when they want something--LOL!!

Hope this helps!

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