OT Jeanne do you recognise these?

luvstocraftJune 5, 2011

Jeanne, Just had to share this pic with you of my healthy quickly growing Hollyhocks from the seeds you sent me. I'm so tickled they grew for me. Will be finding a place to plant more this fall. Thanks for sharing. Luvs

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Wow Luvs, you must really have a green thumb or Jeanne sent you some giant Hollyhock seeds. The leaves look so lush and beautiful. Hope you share pictures when they bloom. Are those pretty little minature roses under it? Looks great.


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WOW...those are some big leaves, I can't wait to see them flower. I love Hollyhocks but never got brave enough to try and plant any, figured I'd just kill them.

By the way, Girls, my computer sort of crashed tonight...
and I can't get a guy out to clean up the mess till Monday.
I thought I was going to be "computerless" tonight and Sunday but tried something a few minutes ago that is working for the moment. When I restarted it, instead of clicking on my name, I clicked on User. It brought up an old program that let me get to Internet Explorer and come here. This problem happened to me several months ago...something on google infected my system and shut me down. Took the guy hours to restore it, and about $200.
Glad I experimented and found I could get on here tho, I was not looking forward to being computerless for 48 hrs.

Keep your fingers crossed this keeps working so I don't have withdrawal symptoms. I just wanted to let you know in case you try to email me and get no response.

hugs, Karen

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Luvs, I am looking forward to seeing your Hollyhock when it blooms. I love them..they are so old fashioned and being back memories.

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Oh boy, oh boy! That is GREAT, luvs! I am smilin' ear to ear thinking of that IA Hollyhock in your lovely gardens in CA! Healthy, YES...it looks great! I hope it blooms...I can't tell if buds are forming on that top part or not...usually HH's don't bloom the first year.

If I remember right, I sent you some seeds from these & called it "shades of pink:"

TFS, luvs! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your's look so good all in clusters together like that. This one is still growing, not to it's full height yet. I had one problem--snails--they were feasting on the leaves at first!

Karen, I'm glad you warned us about your computer problem. I signed up for Google so I could leave comments on the blogs without being "anonymous". Hope I haven't opened myself up for any problems! Maybe this time will be an easier fix for your's--we can hope anyway. I still say if these guys are smart enough to come up with a "virus" that causes everyone lots of anxiety and money--why don't they use their intelligence for GOOD instead?

Marylee, I agree completely with your comment on the hollyhocks--and they do bring back lots of memories. Not only are they pretty, but when I was little they made wonderful dresses for my stick dolls! Did you ever do that? ;o)

Punk, yes, that is a little miniture rose at the bottom. It's orange--not my favorite color, but there were four of them here when we bought this place. I've given a couple of them to my neighbor who loves that color.

I'll share another pic when/if I get blooms. What makes it so fun is knowing it came from Jeanne in Iowa! ;o)


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They are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your blooms!
Karen, hope your computer is ok!
Luvs, you can get a virus anywhere, so don't worry!

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Luvs what a beautiful plant - and from SEEDS - WOW !
I'll be looking forward to seeing when it's bloomed.

Jeanne..your flowers are georgeous. I guess you don't have a deer problem that they can grow like that.

Karen..bummer with your pc...Did you ever do a Restore?
Sometimes if I've downloaded something that gives me a problem, I'll do a restore to bring it back to before the download.


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