Washing Comforters

mrscAugust 31, 2010

How do you use clean your comforter?

I'm interested in purchasing a Queen size comforter for my bedroom. It is machine washable but I'm not sure it will fit in my top-loader washer.

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Guess that would depend on the capacity of your washer. My experience has been that queen comforters DO fit in my top loader. I always be the super/large capacity washers.

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Do you have settings for small, medium, large and super loads on your machine. If you don't have the last setting your machine does not have the capacity to wash your comforter.

Before I had my machine with the super setting I used to take my comforters to a wash and dry and use ther oversize load machines and then brought them home and threw them over my outside line to dry.

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I have a top loader, but it doesn't do super-size loads. So I bring my comforters to my local laundromat, where they have large capacity machines that do a great job of wringing out the rinse water. Then bring the damp comforter home, throw it on my outdoor clothesline or over my unused (LOL) exercise bike indoors.

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I wash my comforters in my top load washer, I just make sure that it gets soaked with water completely, so I push it down into the water repeatedly.

I do have a question about DRY CLEAN ONLY comforters. I have one in my spare room, that get's slept on by my dogs, cats...(no humans so far). I have kept the top covered with a throw, but the sides, where they rub along it, is dirty looking, I do not intend to take this to a dry cleaner, so I'm HOPING, that I can somehow wash it. I'm not terribly worried about shrinkage.

What is the worst thing that could happen to it? I've accidentally washed dry clean clothes before and as long as they are not dried in the dryer, they have not been damaged.

any thoughts?

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Besides sbrinkage, The colors can fade and make the good comforter comforter look like it was around since the wars.

If I were going to wash the dirty part I'd wash it by hand with a mild soap like woolite and put some vinegar in the wash and rinse water to keep the colors from fading

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Thank you for your replies & suggestions. I checked my Kenmore machine. It says "Super Capacity Plus" but I don't think the interior looks large enough. I may have to use a laundromat but that's not always convenient and I'm concerned about allergies. Not sure if others using heavy scented detergents can linger on my wash.

Maybe I will try a duvet cover. That can be washed at home as often as needed. And the inside comforter will only need once or twice a year cleaning.

BTW, I forgot to ask ... is it necessary to wash new comforters?

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Mama has always taken her comforter to the laundry mat's large capacity washers as they wring them out better. But she's always put a clean pair of adult sneakers in with them to help "Stomp out the lumps" in both the washer/dryer. It works great for pillows too.

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