cleaning screen tent

tayeAugust 11, 2008

I am having a rather interesting cleaning "problem" with my screen tent. It seems that an insect has left its eggs on my tent. I have tried spraying them with a hose and RV cleaner (safe on canvas-type material) which has not even softened the buggers. Any ideas?

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Have you tried vinegar? It supposedly dissolves whatever attaches a nit (lice egg) to a hair follicle, so maybe it would work on another type insect egg as well.

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Scrape it off with a putty knife?

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Thanks a million marti8a! The vinegar worked great. I poured it on, let it set for a couple of minutes, then scrubbed it with a paper towel on each side of the screen. A soft toothbrush probably would have worked even better. I washed off the last few eggs by pouring water on the screen.

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