Frameless shower door on a non-plumb wall

PMoneApril 14, 2014

See my situation in the attached image.

My wall is not plumb (about 3/8" narrower on the top). Do I still have a workable situation? Or do I really have to fix the wall?

Since the hinges will be mounted on the non-plumb wall, I worry about the hinges not lining up.

Please advise.

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Babka NorCal 9b

The glass comes with a horizontal "U" shape cut out, not just a hole, so you have a lot to play with when you mount the brackets. You can spit the difference and it won't be noticeable. Our glass guys remarked the nothing is ever perfectly plumb all the way around. Measure at the narrowest dimension, as you cannot cut or sand the edge on tempered glass


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I think what they do is put a fixed panel at the non-plumb wall and then hinge off of that. But, I am not for sure. I think that the panel would need to be channeled to the wall and the curb. But I am only kind of guessing. Millworksman is knowledgeable and very helpful. He might chime in.

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3/8" could be a lot, especially since you also want to align with the fixed panel. Some hinges allow for our of plumb adjustments, and some don't. What does your installer say?

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I guess I will have to find an installer, but I want to do my own homework so that I know what I will be getting into before hand.

My contractor who built the shower does not really want to deal with the glass door. I was planning to order the glass myself and get my contractor to install the glass door (which he said he would be willing to do but he does not want to be responsible of making sure the glass will fit). But once I measured the wall, I wonder if the door will swing OK if the hinges do not exactly lined up.

I guess someone who has experience would be able to tell whether 3/8" off is OK or not.

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You need a professional. If it can't be made plumb, you'll likely have leaks at the bottom of the door. Also, shower glass is tempered, which means you can easily shatter the whole panel b by bumping a corner during installation or by stressing it while trying to get the hinges on and adjusted.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes, get a professional...someone who does this every day and knows all the tricks to make it turn out fine. As long as the spray from your shower head isn't aimed at the space around the door you won't leak.


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Unzip the drywall on each stud on either side of the door location. Plumb and block in a new stud where the hinges will land. Mud, tape, and paint and everything is good. It's not that big of a job.

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I already have tiles installed; and the tiles go all the way up. Redoing the wall would mean undoing a part of that wall.

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Did you install blocking for the hinges?

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Hmmm. I thought I posted last night. A possible option might be to use top and bottom pivot hinges. The top wall mounted, the bottom curb mounted.

If the glass door was sized to mimic the wonky shape of the opening and if the top hinge was mounted on the wall and the bottom hinge offset on the curb 3/8" away from the wall, that would keep the pivot plane of the two hinges vertically aligned.

It is a bit of a compromise.

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Yes. Using a pivot hinge can be an option.

And I do have 4x4 studs on both sides. So, mounting hinges is not a problem.

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Best way would be a enduring mentioned, scribe a fixed panel to the wall and mount the door to the that fixed panel. Otherwise you will never get a good seal.

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I am a professional installer of these doors. Top and bottom pivot hinges are your best answer. 3/8 " taper is way too much for wall mount hinges.
Keep in mind these are "frameless" doors. No door company or installer will gurantee it to be 100% water tight.

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You have a workable situation very similar to one we encountered a couple of years ago when we had a frameless shower door installed in a renovated bathroom. I would HIGHLY recommend that you have a professional do the installation from the measurement, ordering, and final installation. Due to circumstances I won't go into, an installer who did not make the initial measurements tried to do the installation for our project. He was unable to make the shower door work. To make a long story short, it took several months to get it right. The good news was that we had worked with a reputable kitchen-bath showroom who stood behind their product so we didn't suffer any loss other than the inconvenience of the delay. Had we been the ones who had done the measurements, I'm afraid we would have had to absorb the financial loss of a quite expensive shower door.

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