How to dust behind large pieces of furniture.....

krissie55August 3, 2014

Due to inability to move large pieces of furniture to dust behind, the following tip works great. This helps remove cobwebs and less chance of having spiders for bed fellows!

You guessed it, a few too many spider bites let me know it was past time to dust under/around the bed and other pieces of furniture.

Open the windows, close the room door, put on a dust mask, grab a yard LEAF BLOWER (I used electric blower) and blow dust bunnies from behind and under furniture. Work in one direction so most of the dust will accumulate in one area and less likely to land behind the furniture you just cleaned behind. Watch the dust bunnies fly!!

Yes, there will be a huge cloud of dust, so hurry out of the room and close door quickly behind you so dust does not escape into rest of the house.

Wait a while for dust to settle, then dust furniture with a slightly dampened dust cloth and vacuum floors. I suppose you could use a small vacuum cleaner to dust tops of furniture, however the brush might scratch the finish, not sure.

Best to put small things from top of furniture on the bed and cover with a sheet. The wind will blow objects off of furniture and walls if you don't keep the blower at a lower level.

The con: some dust will land behind the furniture during this process, but there will be less dust than before for sure.


P.S. If you have a regular house cleaner, choose the day before they come to blow dust bunnies and let them dust furniture and floors. House cleaners I had in the past never cleaned behind furniture, only tops.

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Just make sure it's an electric, not a gas-powered leaf blower because of carbon monoxide. You could also blow out your dryer vent with an electric leaf blower, especially if it is a long distance from the dryer to the outside of the house.

I made a microfiber towel sleeve to cover my 2-inch wide quilting yard stick and have used it behind things.


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In between times when I actually move the large furniture, I put a miracle cloth on the swiffer to dust the back of the furniture and the wall behind it.

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Good advice from grainlady. Also, my go-to answer is the Hercules Furniture Lifter, as seen on TV. I also use the furniture sliders. It is totally amazing how easy it is to move big furniture, even on carpeting. You can move one end out, dust behind it, move it back and then move the other end out, all by yourself. And you don't have to cover stuff or run out of the room to keep the flying dust from going all over everything else. The little bit of work moving the furniture makes much less work than moving everything and covering it with a sheet or something.

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Your suggestion is a good one for those physically able to do lifting in order to put sliders under the furniture and then move out and back.

Some people especially those with back problems are not able to push, pull, or lift furniture on or off sliders. In the past I used sliders.

In my case I have both shoulders, back, & hip problems that prevent me from lifting, pushing or pulling furniture.

Joyce 333:
Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Unfortunately a year of having a house cleaner left my house worse than before. Flipping a feather duster in the air did not remove dust anywhere and dusting behind furniture is not in most house cleaners list of things to do . I am now attempting to clean our house myself with whatever I can come up with to do the job with my limitations.

I am open to more suggestions, they may be of help to me and others in similar situations.


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I use one of these. You can use the head angled or straight, and the pole telescopes. the microfiber head grabs dust like a magnet.

Here is a link that might be useful: High reach duster

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