Edging options for shower tile

LinelleApril 10, 2014

I'm planning to retile my shower with 4" tiles in the same color I have now. I know, I know. :) The edges have a quarter-round bullnose that I've always taken for granted and assumed it would be easy to replace. Hah!

So, after futzing around, I finally found tile in the color I want. However, it appears that the quarter-round bullnose is discontinued, everywhere. The the only trim for this color tile is surface bullnose and I don't think that's going to look good on the edges. Plus it only comes in 3x6.

Before I abandon ship on this tile (and I'm getting there), can someone tell me about Schluter edges? 1) cost and 2) do they impart a contemporary look? I prefer the chubby, clubby look of the quarter-round, but am not prepared to die over this.

Here's what I have now (and still want):

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Who makes the current tile and what color is it?

It looks kind of like Daltile Semi Gloss in Ice Grey, which does have a full bullnose, and kind of like Daltile Matte in Desert Gray which also offers a full bullnose.

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ineffable, oooh, you're good. Until recently I had thought it was Daltile Desert Gray, but it's darker and bluer. Then I tried Ice Gray and thought it was too blue too. I found an old original tile in the garage and ID'ed the tile as U.S. Ceramic Tender Gray. I'm thinking the Daltile semi gloss in Ice Gray will be fine. It's got the edge options I need and the color is close enough.

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@linelle, I forget - why are your retiling in the first place? Your tiles and grout look brand new?

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And yes, Schluter is pretty contemporary looking. Inexpensive though.

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Dreaming, everything else is coming out: the tub, glass doors, shower head and trim. I don't think I can save enough of the tile to keep it. And, I owe it to the rest of the new stuff to get new tile. It just so happens that I like the shape and color enough to do it again. The only other color I'd consider is white, and with the tub, it's just too much white. I think.

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sj, it's good to know that Schluter is inexpensive, just in case. It's probably too contemporary a look for me.

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