Would you use a Breville Convection Oven to Bake....

marcoloApril 4, 2012

A ricotta pie? It has a pasta frolla dough, which is the mongrel love child of pasta and pie crust, and it's not very flat, since it's baked in a springform.

My ricotta pie was not a success last year in my 24" gas non-convection oven, although it always came out fine in the electric Frigidaire in my old apartment. This tiny thing appears to get no air circulation at all, so baked goods are consistently burnt on the bottom and overdone on top. I double-pan or foil-wrap most things now to protect the bottoms, but that's a little tough with a springform pan.

I bought the Breville convection recently to make up for the minuscule proportions of the wall oven during holidays, but I'm wondering if any of you folks have ever baked in one, especially something taller than a regular pie?

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Marcolo I have baked all kinds of things in my Breville -- but not a ricotta pie. I have found it to be an excellent oven and no matter what I used it for, I never had any reason to believe that it would have come out differently in a full size oven. One Christmas during the renovate when we were cooking in the basement I even baked a beef wellington in the Breville (albeit a rather small one) and it came out fine.

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Thanks! How does convection affect bake times? I remember with my old convection oven, I had to get the hang of shaving the right number of minutes off the recipe.

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For some reason that links to a completely blank page for me?

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sorry about that, I think i had a typo in there, try the link again.


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I have the Delonghi model which is similar to the Breville. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I cooked frozen pot pies - both small and large (not your usual run of the mill grocery store model but packed to the top with all sorts of goodies - from Achaatz and Zingermans) and they came out perfectly.
I usually keep a small pizza stone in the oven - it came with a previous oven and think it helps - but who knows!

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The Breville Smart oven I have (larger one) is able to cook on convection or on regular settings. On the convection I lower 50 degrees to roast a chicken and 25 to 50 to bake a quiche from scratch (not frozen). If frozen I push the little "snowflake" button.

Have baked all kinds of things - like Sayde - (also have not done Ricotta pie) but I did do a Georgia vidalia onion pie with onion, sour cream and sharp cheddar, etc - Came out perfectly at 300 (Convection)instead of 350 (Regular)

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Oh, gemini this is the second time in two days I've seen Michigan references on gw. I just moved to Boston from "a2" and these little things remind me of home. Zingerman's, and Achaatz, and Oberon, Oh my! Glad to hear from people in the Mitten.

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Thanks for all the help! I'll see tomorrow if I have the guts to go through with it.

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those using the Breville ovens - do they get really hot on the outside? I've spent some time online checking them out and if my regular sized range doesn't work out I've thought maybe I'd get the Breville.

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Arch - I love Boston - I will have to come visit sometime. I have friends running Boston but alas, I was unable to do it this year. Oberon is out for the season and we snapped up a case. Stop on by on your next trip to A2.
In the meantime, please visit a few of my favorite restaurants - No Names - if it is still around is always a fun experience.

Marcolo- we want pictures and an update!

Desert - I think all countertop ovens are a bit warm on the outside - I just make sure nothing is touching it - not sure it is hot enough to melt but just a precaution.

Remember, there is not any insulation - just use common sense and you will be fine. I do store a cutting board on top without a problem. I might even try the Breville cutting board to see if it will fit the Delonghi.

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desertsteph -- the top gets really hot. Breville tries to "feature it" by saying you can warm plates on top. My uppers are only about a quarter inch above the top of the Breville. I felt I had to put a heavy duty insulation pad on top to protect the bottom of the cabinet. But if you have the standard 18 inch clearance it shouldn't be a problem.

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Agreeing with Sayde again...Usually I have a pad on top as my clearance is low or I warm plates or butter on top.

Arch13- Even here in Boston we are fans of Zingerman's. I spent a week there taking a marketing course and mail order regularly.

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desert, it does get very warm, they offer a cutting board option to place on top and we got that, it has "rubberized" feet on it, which I think are silicone, and they don't melt. But the front of the cutting board does get very warm to the touch for sure.

They have recommended clearances around the entire oven listed in the owners manual, I suggest following those. As long as you don't hold your hand to it on the sides it shouldn't be an issue.

The handle, at least from our experience (mine and DW) does not get hot at all.


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I also recently bought the Breville Smart Oven (the largest one) and I am happy I did. My last toaster oven was a Black & Decker, which was ok, but after using the Breville, I can really see the difference.

In terms of your question, I have not baked anything taller than a pie. Mostly I have been using it for making pizzas for the kids. I also baked some cookies and they came out perfect, but I haven't baked anything large as of yet. I'll try and give an update in the future.

If anyone is thinking about this toaster oven, I would highly recommend it. It is really user friendly, and so far everything has been working perfectly.

I have provided a link that I found did a good job of reviewing the product. It basically summed up all the reviews that I read on Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville BOV800XL Toaster Oven Review

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How did your ricotta pie do in your Breville?

Here is a picture of a pair of Achaatz pot pies just before taking out of our DeLonghi - which is similar to the Breville. Note that I have a pizza stone under the baking sheet.

Per Achaatz - the pies should take 1.5 hours to bake and it took the same in the countertop convection oven - and the tops were browned perfectly!! (Despite the iPhone picture!)


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a2- I wasn't the original poster, it looks like it was marcolo asking about the ricotta pie. But please send an Aachatz Michigan 4-Berry to the east coast, stat. And thanks for the no names recommendation...I plan on going there this week!

beachpea- I'm glad that Zing's has love out here in Boston! Woot!

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oops - that is right, it was Marcola - so Marcola - please post a picture of your Ricotta pie.

Arch - have fun at NoNames - BYOB unless the rules have changed!
Keep an eye out for all of the runners on Monday! I have a couple friends running the marathon.

DH favorite is the 4 berry pie also! I have a Cherry Raspberry in the fridge right now!

Beach- I went to a leading with Zing's course. Ari is quite a character - first met him when he was serving water at the Roadhouse

PS - Check out posts on kitchens to see some early pictures of kitchen reno (shameless plug!)

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oops - the pot pies are Zingermans and not Achaatz
I have both in the freezer and I am sure that Ari (owner of Zingerman's) would want proper credit.
For those of you not from A2 area - Zingermans is a icon series of businesses in the area. Deli, Roadhouse, Creamery, Coffee, Cakes, etc.
The owner is very visible - AM at the Deli, makes his rounds to the other business and ends up at the Roadhouse at night - serves water to all of the guests to get a handle on how things are going...

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a2, I went to no name last night (after a bit of walking around fish pier trying to figure out where it is) and it was great! Mmmm broiled sole. Thanks again for the recommendation! Marathon day tomorrow; super stoked to watch the finishers! Okay, back to reading the Guide to Good Eating...

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This was last visited on April 15 (not counting my post, of course). How did it end up on Page 2 among September - October threads?

I am glad it did, of course, as I learned something!

But I am totally puzzled about how threads get indexed.

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Eleena, if there's a recent spam post that gets removed, the thread still moves up, since the software sees the removal as recent activity, evidently.

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Oh, I see. Much to learn..

Thank you!

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