Electrolux ICON oven - standalone question?

saintpflaApril 18, 2012

I have the opportunity to buy this oven, ICON E48DF76EPS,

from someone significantly below retail cost because it didn't fit into their kitchen after they bought it. So, they just want it 'gone'.

It's still not 'cheap', but quite a deal....one of those deals you will NEVER see again.

It's never even been used and still has packing material on it.

As luck would have it, it fits perfectly in my kitchen.

My current stove (which I hate) is a 12-yr old, low-end, piece of Kenmore crap. Hey, it came with the house.

So, before I empty my bank account, is there anything I should know that should stop me from this purchase?

This is my fantasy stove...I'm almost afraid it's too good to be true...

Thanks for your advice!

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When one googles the model number you gave, one finds a range, not an oven?????

However the range does get very good reiviews, both on AJ Madison as well as Retrievo, all were 5 stars except one, where the user gave it 4 stars as she said the simmer was too hot (sound like a familiar story)???

Anyway google the model number + the Reviews to see for yourself.

I do have an Elux Icon Oven, more that 5 years now and we really like it. Temps spot on, very quiet, even in convection mode, and the fully gliding out shelves work just as good as the day as it was install which is to say, terrific!!

The Range list for $8000 on AJMadison.


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Thanks so much for the response! And, please forgive my poor word choice...I should have said "range" instead of "oven"...an old habit of calling everything a 'stove' or an 'oven'. ;)

I'm glad to hear that you are still enjoying your Elux after 5 years time. I have never owned one but thought they seemed like great products.

The owner of this unit is selling it at around 50% below retail just to unload it. While it's still a significant purchase, it's quite a deal at that price. But, I wanted to be sure that there are positive reviews user experiences with it.

I'm not familiar with Retrievo so I'll check that out.


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I thought I'd post a follow-up as I went down and viewed the Elux stove in person.

It's definitely been 'beat up' a bit and is not in as pristine condition as the seller claimed.

Before I write it off entirely, I have a few questions to pose to the experts.

It's a 2010 built model. It's true..it's never been used.

It looks like it was a "floor model" as it has a few minor dents on the left panel. It has some not so minor scratches including one on the front which is vertical down the front of the temp control bar.

I am not aware that you can 'fix' scratches in stainless steel?

It's missing ALL the accessories...wok pan, simmer plate, etc.

One of my key concerns, however, pertains to the two oven doors. On the inside of the door, on the blue liner on the upper corners where the screws go, apparently, someone had scraped something away with a razor blade or knife. The blue coating is missing in a 1-inch circumference around the screw and there is etching in the blue liner.

Also, where the door closes and hits the oven in this spot, there are dent marks. What on earth could have been scraped off and have caused the dent marks??? It's so strange.....

I'm concerned that the missing blue coating really impacts the oven door performance and it will begin peeling off.

Am I being too picky or is this true? I don't like the look of course, but the funtionality is a primary concern.

I made an initial offer of $3200, but, after I noticed this, asked for additional time to research.

Replacement doors are $1500 for the two.

The person selling this unit is a used appliance dealer who acquired this from his normal channels and doesn't seem to know much about Electrolux-- other than the retail price, of course.... ;)

I just don't know if this 'great deal' is that great....I don't want a product that won't work. The dealer provides a 3-yr warranty on basic parts.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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I would pass because of the damage to the coating.
There is a good chance there are hairline fractures around where it has been scraped off and in the not too distant future, the coating may start peeling off there.

Also it was "around 2010" when many of the manufactures had problems with the blue porcelain finishes in the ovens, (Electrolux, Wolf, F&P etc) We have not seen any problems, as of late, except for a Wolf, which was immediately replaced by Wolf, so it's possible it was made around 2010 too.

I would really take the time to find something you like the looks of too, or do you just mean the "Look of the missing porcelain"?

Maybe The dealer can get a Deal on the doors, and replace them for you, before you take delivery of it?

Be Sure to VERY CAREFULLY INSPECT, the rest of the cobalt interior for any damage,--hairline cracks, or coating missing elsewhere.

Really is a shame as their are some "Outstanding Reviews" for the range!


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Thanks for the advice, Gary. I think you are correct in 'walking away' (sniff...sniff...sigh...).

The only solution is to replace the doors (or, the liner?..do they even do that? Is it worth it?). The cost for both doors is, again, $1500+ whatever for the rep charges to install.

The interior of the oven 'appears' to be fine and even still has the styrofoam with the racks packed in them.

It's a mystery as to what happened with the interior of these doors. A real bummer too because....wow...what a deal that would have been price-wise. I could have lived with a few 'dings', but not performance integrity.

Plus, this is not an authorized dealer, so I'm not sure how any warranty would work? Or, is it considered an 'out of warranty' product because this is being sold via a used appliance dealer?

Now, I'm worried about...."what else could be wrong?" too.

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To your question,

"I would really take the time to find something you like the looks of too, or do you just mean the "Look of the missing porcelain"? "

The missing blue porcelain coating looks terrible. Plus, you can FEEL and SEE the blade scrape marks. It's that deep! It's a one-inch circle diameter around the left and the right screws at the top of EACH oven door. Was it glue from packing material that was scraped off???....

You have to wonder,.....what the heck this person was thinking who did this.

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Are you sure the blue coating isn't just the protective liner they often put over glass and stainless steel to keep it from scratching? Typically you just peel this off before you use the appliance. If this is the case I would be happy the protective liner is there, but I can't pass judgement on whether this particular unit is any good. We love our double Elux ovens.


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If you have any concerns regarding repair/maintenance you may also want to ask about any remaining warranty. Would be surprised if this is still an option and I feel this is important.

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@Billy_g: it's definitely not the protective plastic liner. You can see and feel the damage from the razor blade. I'm assuming a box cutter blade was used from the marks.

@BarbieKitchen: I did ask about the remaining warranty, but never felt I received a clear answer from this reseller.

I think I will contact a local area service center and run this scenario past them and gain some insight on warranty transfer and this proble with the doors. I agree with you, I would think this nullifies the warranty - unless it's transferable?

The more I consider this, the more it seems like this would be a bad investment of $3k and I'm better off buying a new stove for that amount.

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