Help me remodel my 50s bathrooms please!

Fori is not pleasedApril 9, 2011

I've just bought a new house and it needs a few things...I thought the kitchen was bad but first things first: the master bathroom is just icky. It starts off good, just needing paint and appropriate hardware:

Then it gets ugly where someone ripped out a mint green shower and extra doorway to the hall and put in a tub. The gap in the floor tile was filled with peel 'n' stick tile. The toilet was replaced with an old man throne. I realize these changes were necessary for an aging owner so I'm trying very hard to not judge. But oh! The horror!

I am sad for the tile. I currently have another house by the same builder and whoever did the tile in these baths was one helluvan artisan. But my current one is blah white. This green is fabulous! I'll never match it. So...tentative concept: replace the floor with linoleum (not vinyl). Toilet--white, non electric toilet. I'm not sure about used toilets, but if I happen to find a matching one, well, I'd be tempted. Bathtub out and replaced with shower, glass doors, sides in something neutral like Silestone or Corian. White I guess.

I need to do this before I move in because it's my bathroom! What other directions could I go? And YES I want the sink cabinet to stay.

Elsewhere, we have a bath that has not been mangled and I would love some ideas on paint color:

It's not quite pepto pink, and the brown is a rich burgundyish shade. It's not mint green but pink toilet huh?

Anyway, I'd love suggestions on wall and cabinet color!


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You're right it has good bones. I'd do a tiled shower that has accents that pick up that green. Reminds me of beach glass, so I'm thinking a glorious green glass accent of some sort. We just chose a WZ Waterfall mosaic that is a mixture of slate, moss glass, white glass, and onyx glass, and even that would look nice with the green tile (although i think you can get away with something showier).

I'm a bath-rookie here, so I don't know how possible it is, but it would be wonderful to design the shower to come out far enough so that you could keep the green tile floor. And around this forum, plug in toilets are all the rage...ok, ok so they're thinking washlet vs old man...

For the guest bath, the right wall color can make or break that room. You'll want something tha will make the porcelain all look taupey beigish instead of pinkish. Maybe the decorating forum would have some good paint suggestions to play down the pink tone?

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Alku. I'll try over there.

Plug in toilets. Hehe! Maybe my half tile half vinyl bathroom IS fashionable after all!

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I LOVE that retro tile. Too bad someone ripped some of the aqua tile out.

Isn't that a Toto Washlet? Not icky old man but fabulous comfort bidet?

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buyorsell888 - the toilet looks like a pretty new Toto Washlet to me, too. Some people pay a lot of $$$ for that bidet style. fori, if you don't like it, why don't you just get a regular toilet-seat?

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Fori is not pleased

Really? The toilet is not scary? Okay I admit I haven't touched it yet. I used the pink one. :)

I will inspect it better before removal--and knowing it isn't bad, I'll at least take it to H4H instead of the dumpster.

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Yes, take another look at the toilet and seat. I just googled Toto Washlet and that seat alone costs $ 600 plus online. And I guess it would be easy to replace with a regular Toto Toilet Seat - if it all is Toto...

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto Washlet

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Fori is not pleased

I can turn it into a regular toilet!? Excellent! Thanks, Anne!

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First and foremost, your aqua tile and white vintage cabinetry is fantastic! I love that you're working to keep it. I think it's a great idea to replace the tub and tile and stick on floor tiles and try to maintain the rest of the vintage bathroom. Personally, I would try to find a solution where the shower comes out naturally to meet up with the aqua tile. Maybe white 4x4 tiles (to match what I'm guessing are the 4x4 aqua tiles) with aqua glass accents? If you can't have the shower naturally transition to the aqua floor tile, I would replace the entire floor with tile, not linoleum. Preferably in something that matches or coordinates with what you do with the shower. I also agree that the toilet looks like it just has an expensive Toto washlet on it. In fact, the toilet itself looks just like my Toto Drake (a great toilet). If so, you should be able to just remove the washlet/seat and replace with a standard seat. You might even be able to sell the washlet.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Cactus!

I think the cabinetry was once birch (or similar) but that's beyond redemption. Having had a better look at the floor, I think it might be too far gone to work with--there seems to be some damage, probably from bringing in a tub.

I'll get some measurements and see if using a shower instead of a tub can get the toilet out of the way etc...

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I agree with pricklypear - if you want to keep the vintage side and the vintage look, I would replace the tub and stick-on with a white shower and accent with the aqua, and maybe even black. You could outline the shower in black then put black hardware on the cabs to tie the vanity into the shower.
Also, I wouldn't give up on matching the tile so fast - even a close-but-not-quite match might look fine if the new tile is used as a stripe or accent on the shower side. Maybe there is some hiding in a basement or under the house. Maybe there is a recycling or architectual reclaiming shop in your area that might have some. Ya' never know until you look, and if you can live with the floor and tub for awhile to give yourself time to look...

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If you really want to preserve the mint green tile floor, then what about filling up the gap next to the tub (or new shower) with a teak floor mat like this:

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I actually have some vintage unused green tile leftover from my house circa 1957. Don't know if you're interested. Is the color a mint green or aqua?

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Fori is not pleased

Teak! Way too classy for my house! :) Actually something to check out. Thanks for the idea, WA.

Hi Paige--I'm intrigued! Hehe. It's minty green. Aren't you tempted to find spot in your house to use it?

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There's a lot of potential in that bathroom! I would rework the layout, smaller vanity and put toilet to the right side of the vanity, under the window.

We recently bought an old 1960's home and everything was/is original. Day before closing the owners had the bathroom tiles ripped out and replaced (badly I will say) with tiles that didn't match. I was going to redo it one day, but seeing the gawd awful job this guy did, along with mildew forming where there never had been any, got a fire under my butt faster than I thought.

Your bathroom is bigger than mine, for sure. Gutted to the studs we had 9'x4'9" Prior to gutting it out 9'x4'6 - gained 3 inches and will be putting in an 18" vanity base w/19" top.

We are still doing this bathroom over - have to order vanity and rework my idea on it a little (due to plumbing being too far over for drawers on one side) - but here's a glimpse of the BEFORE (DISCLAIMER - Pictures below were taken before we owned it and items seen are previous owners lovely decorating!)

This is what it currently looks like in limbo. Still needs a lot of work, but it's getting there:

Yeah! We have a door!!!!!

I have tons of pictures of tiny bathroom makeovers - there's a lot you can do with that bathroom!


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To Fori,
I will not be using it as I just re-did 2 bathrooms. I threw out the tiles that had caulk and just kept the unused ones. I don't have alot and I would describe it as Crest toothpaste color. I have seen the same green over and over in baths of the same time period. Do you know how much you might need?

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Fori is not pleased

Paige, thanks for the offer but I don't think I can save the floor. (Don't suppose you have a whole floor's worth! hehe)

What is there is cracked and will have to be pulled up. Looks much better in the photo. And ew I just gave a slight tug to one of the peel and stick tiles and ick ick they do not stick to wet former shower pan mortar or whatever the heck that moldy thing is. I think I'll have to gut a bit more than anticipated.

Debelli, thanks for the inspiration. You made me laugh though--this is the biggest bathroom I've ever had! (Oh wait...that carpeted bathroom with a tub under a window was pretty big....)

(Why do I keep doing this to myself?)

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Well you're at least lucky to have that great green sink. Tile is always easy to find and easily and cheaply too and can blend easily with other colors. If you find you want a small amount my offer stands and I would only ask for the cost of shipping.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Paige! We're moving to the place tomorrow and I'm just going to shut that door and pretend it's not there until I'm ready to deal with it. Maybe I can throw in some green accent squares somewhere. :)

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i would try to salvage as much of the floor tile as possible...look into a shower w/o a curb, for a seamless spa like look there are some beautiful pebble stones, specifically thru island stone that would match your existing tile already, use that for the shower floor, if you can salvage the remainder of the floor. a beachy look would also be fantastic

Here is a link that might be useful: Island Stone Pebble Series

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if you don't want that washlet, send it to me. i'll cover shipping and handling costs. but check them out online. you might want it.

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Fori is not pleased

PTLeah, that's a neat idea, a totally different direction. I like it! Steph, I can't mail a toilet seat. I just can't! How do you explain that at the post office? :P

We haven't really looked at it, to be honest, after finding the moldy floor. I just shut the door and am pretending it's not there until I'm ready to deal with it.

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I'd love to know what happened to these bathrooms.

I HAVE THAT PINK/PEACH BATHROOM. Down to the slightly-non-matching pink and peach. The tub is peachier and the tile is pinker, and that's how it looks in your photograph. It's apparently a fantastic "mud job" that would be expensive to take out and re-do and it seems a shame since it's all in fine condition.

The sink is peach, the toilet is peach, the tub is peach, the floor is peach/brown, the tile is pink/peach with brown accents....

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Fori is not pleased

Beanie, I am embarrassed. I have done nothing. NOTHING! I've decided to do the peachy bathroom's walls with limey/kelly green. The color works. But the walls are in such rough shape I'm thinking I need to wallpaper it. Faux grasscloth or bamboo perhaps. And hire someone to regrout it.

If I had found the perfect flamingo wallpaper in a scrubbable type, I might have gone retro kitchy. Thought about perhaps a tropical print paper with a black background and lots of colors.

I need to go to a wallpaper store I guess. Paint just won't do the job here.

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I feel your pain. It is just so hard to know what to do with this stuff. And in my bathroom, all the little extras are in that peachy pink color. Toilet paper holder, towel bar holder, toothbrush thingy....

Looks like we have the identical tub:

and maybe toilet, too. Ours is American Standard:

Different sink - yours looks like there might be storage somewhere under the sink. Instead of exposed plumbing.

"You can't get a mud job like that these days"

I tried to take closeup pictures of this weird paint job on the walls, but really the second to last picture in this post shows the colors best. Pink, peach, mint, and LAVENDER. I really detest this paint job, although I'm sure it took forever to do.

So now I'll prowl through and elsewhere to get ideas about what to do with these walls. I'd love to know what you come up with!


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just wondering if you can open the cabinet with the toilet there? is moving the toilet a consideration? you could use the toilet wall for your longer shower wall and move the toilet to be on the right side of where the tub used to go to get a little more space.

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I think weedyacres' teak floor mat idea is absolutely perfect for that floor space.

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